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Polytunnels are a great investment for anyone wanting to live more sustainably. Polytunnels help gardeners and fruit and veg growers to reduce their carbon footprints; they allow British commercial growers to increase their yields, limiting the amount of imported crops and cutting food miles. Hobby gardeners and anyone wanting to be more self-sufficient can grow their own home-grown produce inside a polytunnel, where a lot of organic growing can also take place.

Polytunnel PlasticHowever, with many campaigners around the world fighting to end plastic pollution in the world’s rivers and oceans, the use of these structures covered with polythene, or “polytunnel plastic”, is sometimes questioned by people who are keen to be eco-friendly.

A polytunnel frame can last for 20 years and more, but the polytunnel plastic will need replacing over time. The polythene films we supply have been developed with resistance against polythene’s deadliest enemy – sunlight. The additives in our polytunnel covers prevent UV degradation for up to 5 years and it is not uncommon for a cover to last 8-10 years before it needs replacing.

When the time comes for your polytunnel plastic to be replaced, whether that be due to age, damage or UV degradation, the old plastic can be recycled. 

There are a number of companies, found online, which recycle polythene or give advice on recycling plastic. In some areas, your old or damaged polytunnel cover can be recycled via the normal council recycling services. 

The heavy duty polythene used to cover polytunnels can be repaired with repair tape, where necessary, and can be given a second life on your allotment or in your garden; it could be used to cover smaller structures, such as garden cloches or cold frames. Some customers use it to line ponds and raised beds or to act as a waterproof cover for garden furniture, others use it to cover ventilation netting or act as ‘double glazing’ on their polytunnels during the colder months. When the time comes for schools to recover their educational polytunnels, the old polythene is sometimes used for art projects.  

With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can recycle your polytunnel plastic in many ways, helping to reduce plastic waste and pollution and giving you the comfort of being environmentally friendly.

If you have any ‘green’ tips or creative ideas for recycling polytunnel covers, we would love to hear from you via e-mail or why not share your photos on our facebook or twitter pages.

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Premier Polytunnels = The BEST Polytunnels!

Best Polytunnel BrandThe results are in and we are thrilled to have been voted as the Best Polytunnel Brand again in The Great British Growing Awards (2018).

Receiving the Gold Award in our category means a lot to us as the nominations and votes are made by the readers of Grow Your Own magazine – so these are real results from real growers.

We would like to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who took the time to vote for us.

To find out why our customers think we are the best, take a look at the selection of customer comments on our website or pop over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see lots of customer pictures.

Best Polytunnels UK

With our many years of experience, here at Premier Polytunnels we are confident we can offer not only the best polytunnel product, but also the best customer service from start to finish – our after sales service is second to none, with our out of hours construction helpline available every day until 9pm.

When it comes to supplying top quality products, which are strong, reliable and affordable, we are confident that our polytunnels cannot be matched. Our tunnels are the only ones on the market to include all of the following as standard:

  1. Larger diameter steel polytunnel frames for essential strength and rigidity.
  2. The UK’s first 5-layer Thermal Anti Drip polytunnel covers.
  3. Wide single doors on garden polytunnels greater than 6ft wide.
  4. Universal fixing brackets to allow even a novice DIY-er to build your own polytunnel without any problems.
  5. Anti Hot Spot Tape to protect the polythene cover from friction and the built up heat in the polytunnel frame.
  6. Free delivery to most Mainland UK addresses.

So with Spring being a very popular time for gardeners to purchase their first polytunnel, don’t delay – order your polytunnel from the Best Polytunnel Brand today!

Guess what? We currently have 5% OFF all polytunnels until the end of April!

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