Polytunnel Netting

Polytunnel netting helps you combat extreme weather conditions while providing the ventilation crops need to thrive. Netting also protects fruit and vegetables from airborne or ground-dwelling pests.

From anti-bird to polytunnel netting covers, our range caters to various needs and can boost your chances of a productive growing season. We have a choice of sizes to cover you whether you have a small allotment space or a large garden area.

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What is polytunnel netting?

These mesh nets are typically placed over polytunnels or crops in open spaces. They protect plants from extreme weather or pests and optimise growing conditions by allowing proper ventilation.

We have different polytunnel netting to help you whether your main concern is reducing the effects of wind and harsh sunlight or keeping birds at bay.

What are the different polytunnel netting types?


Windbreak and shade netting

Our windbreak and shade polytunnel netting does what it says on the tin. They shield your plants from strong gusts and extra strong sunny spells while allowing rain to pass through to keep your plants well-watered.

The material we use can provide 40% shade from sunlight and 50% wind reduction, and we have four sizes to choose from:

Anti-bird netting

When birds feast on your fruit and veg, it can be beyond frustrating. Whether you have a persistent problem or you're taking preventative measures, this netting offers a solution.

Our anti-bird products come in various sizes of wide mesh netting. The 20mm-wide mesh holes are optimal for stopping birds while preventing them from becoming entangled. Natural light and rainfall can pass through as well, so your crops can get the goodness they need.

Our anti-bird netting is a real investment with a 10-year lifespan for your peace of mind. We stock the following sizes:

Polytunnel netting covers

This net is used for small and large garden tunnels with or without a polythene cover. It provides 47% shade, ventilation, improved windbreak and lets rainwater through. Polytunnel netting covers also add an extra layer of protection against birds and insects.

What's more, its high tensile strength gives it an estimated lifespan of 8 to 10 years. And the double lockstitch tearproof technology reduces the chance of accidental damage. You can choose from the following sizes for your polytunnel netting cover:

What are the benefits of netting for polytunnels?

Upgrade your garden space or polytunnel with mesh netting for the following benefits:
  • Shade from powerful sunlight
  • Reduced impact from harsh winds
  • Plants sheltered from intense rainfall
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Airborne pests deterred

Why should I buy polytunnel or anti-bird netting from Premier Polytunnels?


Buy netting for your Polytunnel and gardening area now

Whether you're preparing for summer sun, winter winds or autumn downpours, our polytunnel netting offers a brilliant solution. Alternatively, invest in anti-bird netting to protect your crops and give yourself the best chance of enjoying a bumper harvest.

Do you want to upgrade your polytunnel as well? Our range has sizes to suit most garden and allotment spaces. We also stock other products such as cloches and fruit cages to optimise growing conditions and stop intrusive pests.

Our friendly experts are always ready to help if you have a question about netting for polytunnels. Contact us by calling 01282 811250 or emailing info@premierpolytunnels.co.uk.

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