Polytunnel Netting

At Premier Polytunnels, we offer different types of netting for polytunnels that are designed to provide ventilation, shade and windbreak, and protect your plants from frost and both airborne and ground-dwelling pests. By investing in polytunnel netting covers, you increase your chances of producing delicious crops that are unspoiled by extreme weather conditions or pests.

To help you choose, here is a look at the netting options available.

Windbreak/Shade Net - Buy by the Metre

This is a robust polytunnel shade netting that protects your plants and shrubs from extreme weather, such as strong, direct sunlight as well as wind and rain. It comes in a choice of four sizes, so you can select the one that’s the right fit for your polytunnel.

The 40% shade it provides makes this netting ideal for use in the summer months when the sun is at its strongest, while the 50% wind reduction it offers makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a windbreak when the weather turns.

Anti Bird Net - Buy by the Metre

Our anti bird netting is a wide knitted mesh netting that comes in a choice of five sizes and is designed to prevent birds and small invaders from getting to your berries and crops. This fine netting is also designed in a way that prevents small birds from getting tangled in the netting too, making it a safe, humane option.

As used by Premier Polytunnels to cover our Fruit and Veg Cages

Net Polytunnel Covers

These polytunnel netting covers are available in a choice of four sizes and can be used with or without a polythene cover. As a standalone form of protection, this netting offers shade and ventilation for your crops. If you want to add this net cover over a polythene cover, the temperature inside the polytunnel is reduced considerably.

Take a look at the range of netting available at Premier Polytunnels to find a simple, yet effective way to protect your fruit, veg, and plants.