Polytunnel Ground Covers

With the right ground cover, weeds are less likely to grow. At Premier Polytunnels, we stock heavy-duty ground cover membrane designed to protect your produce from unwanted additions in your polytunnel.

Our black, heavy-duty UVI garden ground cover has less than 0.5% light transmission, while still allowing water to be easily dispersed through into the ground without collecting in puddles. It’s also tear-resistant, easy to clean, and includes handy grid lines designed to help you evenly space out pots and planters.

Plus, at 100gm, it’s 10% thicker than standard ground cover solutions and the inclusion of UV stabilisers ensures it offers a long effective life. Browse the range below and mix-and-match the sizes to fit your polytunnel.

1m wide ground cover

If you’re planning out a smaller polytunnel, our 1m wide garden ground cover membrane is ideal. Simply measure the floorspace and let us know how many metres of this size cover you’ll need.

2m wide ground cover

Our 2m wide ground cover is perfect for planning sheeting in slightly larger measurements. It can be evenly placed across the floor of your polytunnel. Simply work out the measurements and let us know how many metres of 2m wide ground cover you need.

3.3m wide ground cover

Easily cover the floor of your polytunnel with our 3.3m wide ground membrane. Let us know how much you need and we’ll do the rest.

4m wide ground cover

If you have a wider polytunnel, our 4m wide ground cover is ideal. Weeds can be banished easily when you invest in this ground sheeting designed for larger structures.

5.3m wide ground cover

This is our largest size garden ground cover membrane for protection from weeds. If you have one of our larger polytunnels and you want to get full floor coverage, this is the ideal choice. Take the measurements and let us know how many metres you’ll need.

Fixing pegs

To make sure your weed control ground cover is secure, you’ll need robust pegs that are easy to use. Our 6in plastic pegs are perfect for fixing your ground cover in place.

Count how many you’ll need and enter the number in the order box. We suggest fixing a peg along the edge at 1.5m intervals. It’s worth having this tip in mind when ordering.   

Take a look at the range of ground cover options available at Premier Polytunnels and find the right fit for the floorspace in your polytunnel.