Polytunnel Guttering

Here it is – the solution to collecting rainwater from your polytunnel.

We have called upon our 35+ years experience in the horticultural industry to bring you a specialist polytunnel guttering system.

Designed in-house by our highly skilled and experienced team, the polytunnel gutter kit is designed to be used in conjunction with our timber or aluminium side rails. On aluminium side rails the gutters simply slot into place on either one or both sides of the polytunnel. For fitting to timber side rails, a gutter carrier is screwed to the timber rails and the gutters simply slot into place. A gutter stop end slots into the gutter at one end or, if you prefer, you can position the stop end at any point along the gutter and harvest rainwater in a water butt or vessel of your choice at each end of your tunnel.

Our polytunnel gutters are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and require no maintenance other than clearing of debris occasionally. This system is far more secure than using stick-on or self-adhesive polytunnel guttering.

Collecting rainwater is an easy, cost effective way of ensuring you can always keep watering. It provides an independent water supply during regional water restrictions, ensuring you can keep your plants watered during the summer. Rainwater collection is also often used to supplement the main supply.

Our polytunnel guttering is designed to be used in conjunction with Timber Side Rails or our Aluminium Side Rails.