Polytunnel Irrigation Systems

At Premier Polytunnels, we offer a selection of irrigation equipment to enable you to design and build your own watering system within your polytunnel. Alternatively, you can invest in one of our complete polytunnel irrigation kits – with both automatic and manual irrigation set ups available.

Running an irrigation system in your polytunnel comes with a host of benefits, ranging from practical and environmental improvements through to financial savings for you as a user.

Why buy an irrigation system?

Your investment in an irrigation system will offer a variety of positive improvements to your polytunnel watering process. Our irrigation systems are designed to offer logistical, practical, environmental and financial benefits to you as a polytunnel owner. Controlled irrigation saves you time, effort and money by limiting your water usage to only what’s necessary.

Our systems provide an even and regular water supply, which not only saves you from having to move around with a watering can, but is also beneficial to your plants and crops that will enjoy consistent feeding of nutrients.

Should I buy an irrigation system ready-made or build my own?

We offer both ready-made complete irrigation kits as well as various parts and equipment to build your irrigation system. If you have the time to create your own, you may find it financially or practically beneficial to do so. For example, you may wish to have more control over the type of water supply your crops are getting or choose the amount of irrigation lines supplying your polytunnel.

With that said, we’ve built our complete kits to be fit for every purpose, saving you the time and hassle of creating your own while providing a high level, affordable polytunnel irrigation system.

Manual irrigation vs automatic irrigation

Whether to choose an automatic or manual irrigation system comes down to your needs and priorities going forward. Both of our system formats are built to purpose, based on the size of your polytunnel, utilising either single, double or triple irrigation line layouts dependent on the area of coverage required.

An automatic system makes sense for those looking for convenience and provision of regular water supply who may not otherwise be able to provide it. Our automatic overhead polytunnel sprinkler systems utilise a Galcon timer watering system and pressure regulator, which enables you to build an efficient time and pressure-regulated water supply. While automatic systems are typically less efficient in their water usage, the confined space of the polytunnel ensures that wastage is limited.

Our overhead manual irrigation systems offer an inexpensive and highly efficient water delivery system that requires virtually no maintenance, in exchange for more of a time commitment at the user’s end.  

Polytunnel irrigation equipment and accessories

Building your own system? Choose from a carefully selected range of irrigation products, crafted to offer you the durability your polytunnel irrigation system requires at great value. We offer a variety of key pieces, from drop pipes and sprinklers to various connectors and fittings – all of which are designed to help you build a custom polytunnel sprinkler system fit for your needs.

As experts in our field, we are here to help with any enquiries you might have. If you have a question regarding our products or your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.