Polytunnel Irrigation Systems

Take your polytunnel to new heights by investing in an irrigation system. Our irrigation kits combined with state-of-the-art polytunnels ensure ideal growing conditions for your vegetables, fruits and flowers.

We have options available so you can find the one that suits your gardening needs. Whether you prefer automatic or manual systems, we've got your garden covered. Plus, you'll find accessories to go with your new irrigation system.

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What is an irrigation system?

An irrigation system sits above the crops in your polytunnel and its job is to water them during their growing phase. It's essentially a sprinkler system that ensures enough water reaches the fruit and veg in your polytunnel.

It's important in covered settings because your crops won't be hydrated by rainfall. Failure to supply adequate water levels could lead to a poor harvest and low-quality produce.

Irrigation systems can work on a timer or can be set up as a manual system and take water from a hose. A polythene pipe carries your water down the roof of your polytunnel, with sprinklers on drop tubes distributing water from above onto your plants.

What are the different types of irrigation systems?

There are two systems available, manual and automatic. The one you choose depends on how much spare time you have and how hands-on you want to be.


Manual is the way to go if you're an eco-conscious gardener. You'll release the necessary amount of water yourself as and when you need to. This system exchanges your time commitment for cost-saving benefits while keeping wastage to a minimum.


Automatic systems are perfect if you're looking for convenience and want to ensure your polytunnel is watered when you are away. Our automatic option uses a Galcon battery-operated tap timer and pressure regulator to deliver water at a time set by you.

What are the benefits of an irrigation system?

Bringing a water irrigation system into your polytunnel offers benefits, including:

·       You can save time instead of watering by hand.

·       Timers can be set to early morning or late at night while the weather is cooler. This reduces the amount of water lost due to evaporation.

·       Automatic systems let you water while you're on holiday.

·       Even and regular water supply so your plants get consistent feeding of nutrients.

Should I buy an irrigation system or build my own?

Our manual and automatic overhead irrigation kits have everything you need. These are cost-effective, save you time and offer a high-performance level. Manual systems consist of a polythene pipe with sprinklers on drop tubes. Automatic systems will also include a tap timer and a pressure regulator.

If you'd prefer to build your system and make it bespoke for your polytunnel, we offer parts and accessories to get you started from drop pipes and sprinklers to various connectors and fittings. Building your own can give you more control of certain aspects, for example, you may wish to choose the amount of irrigation lines supplying your polytunnel.

Why should I buy an irrigation system from Premier Polytunnels?

·       We've more than 35 years of experience, offering top-quality polytunnels and accessories.

·       You get free delivery when you spend over £75 and a 28-day "No Quibble, Money Back" guarantee for peace of mind.

·       Our construction helpline is available seven days a week to help with any polytunnel and irrigation system issues.

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Combine our polytunnels with an irrigation system to reap what you sow every time. We help with garden accessories too, such as netting, as well as polytunnel alternatives such as cloches and fruit cages to keep those pests and airborne predators at bay.

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