The Polytunnel Book

'The Polytunnel Book - Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round' is the most comprehensive, practical guide to polytunnel gardening available. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced grower, this book has got what you need; from preparing the site to simple charts that show at a glance how to get the best from each crop; from identifying and coping with pests to making a hotbed, composts, and organic feeds. But at the heart of this book is Joyce Russell's experience, hand guiding the reader through each month of the year. It tells you what to do and when to do it in order to get the best fruit and vegetables all year round. If you want to try new potatoes, rocket, and Florence fennel for Christmas, or mangetout peas, baby carrots, and strawberries in April, as well as year-round salad, plenty of peppers, melons, gluts of tomatoes and much, much more, this book shows you how. 300 colour photographs illustrate the wealth of practical tips and techniques as well as celebrating what can be achieved in a polytunnel.

Contents include:

  • Setting up a Polytunnel
  • A Month-by-Month Guide to a Year in the Polytunnel
  • Fruit and Vegetables at a glance, including when to sow, plant, and harvest, and a monthly guide
  • A Few Essentials, including a list of ‘useful things’, such as cloches
  • Ongoing Care, including repairs and maintenance