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30 Years Experience

With more than 30 years experience in the horticultural industry, Premier Polytunnels use their expertise to bring you a stronger, more reliable, top quality, ‘unique’ polytunnel, unlike any other on the market.

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Please note: calculations are based on a polytunnel with a door frame at both ends.

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Work in the polytunnel starts to wind down, but there is still plenty to do over autumn and winter.

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Superb Quality

There is no such thing as a "like for like" comparison with a 'Premier' polytunnel.... We are confident that the quality and materials of our polytunnels cannot be matched.

All of our polytunnels, fruit cages, sheep houses and cloches are manufactured in-house by our highly skilled and experienced team, and are regularly updated and tested on our design and development site.

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What is a Polytunnel?

To all intents and purposes it’s a greenhouse, but instead of being glazed the polytunnel frame is covered in a specially designed sheet of polythene. You will have seen them in fields or at garden centres - they are semi-circular in shape usually with a door at each end. They are available in many sizes from a small garden or allotment polytunnel to very large commercial sizes.

Can I afford one?

At only a third of the cost of a glasshouse our polytunnels are excellent value for money. Instead of an 8ft x 10ft glasshouse you can have a 12ft x 20ft polytunnel with no need for a costly base to stand it on.

Why choose a Premier Polytunnel?

The quality and materials of our polytunnels cannot be matched. Our specialist design is the only one to include all of the following as standard:
  • Larger diameter hoops than our competitors
  • A 5-layer Thermal Anti Drip polythene cover
  • Wide ‘wheelbarrow’ doors
  • Universal fixing brackets for ease of construction

What can I grow?

With the development of new polythene covers it is now possible to grow any plant, from a moss to a cactus. Even in the cold British weather, strawberries and tomatoes flourish under cover - 90% of British strawberries are grown in polytunnels with the growing season stretching from early Spring to late Autumn.
Many award winning flowers and record breaking vegetables are also grown this way. Most importantly a polytunnel can help to put you in control of nature, helping to extend the growing season at both ends of the year.

Why are they so popular?

Originally developed as a cost effective way of covering a large area for a fraction of the cost of a glasshouse they have continued to develop and advance and, today, they are the first choice for growing under cover in countries throughout the world. Avid gardeners and commercial growers will tell you that they couldn't manage without them. They are not only cost effective when purchasing, they are also easy to construct and have no need for a prepared base - and there are no panes of glass to break!