Polytunnel Raised Beds

Are you planning on adding raised beds to your growing space? At Premier Polytunnels, we offer a range of simple-to-build wooden raised beds for your polytunnel, greenhouse, or garden.

These come in a selection of sizes designed to suit any space and budget, so you’re sure to find what you need here. Plus, they’re easy to build. No nails or screws are needed, there are no holes to dig, and your raised bed can be assembled in minutes.

Each raised bed is handmade from quality timber approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is slow grown for a tighter grain. This delivers strong structures that have long lasting properties.

Take a look at the different options available below. Why not mix and match from the range here at Premier Polytunnels to create your own perfect plot?

Compact slim raised beds (72cm x 72cm)

These compact wooden raised flower and vegetable beds are perfect for most crops. There are additional units and different depths to select from so that you can easily increase your growing area and plan out where you want everything to go.  

Classic raised beds (90cm x 90cm)

Our classic raised beds are suited to growing most types of vegetables. If you opt for our deep classic raised vegetable beds, you’re given extra growing space for the roots. This is an important consideration if you need to maximise root space for the crops you have in mind.

Long raised beds (90cm x 120cm)

If you’re looking for a rectangular raised bed for your polytunnel, this is a neat fit. There are different variations, so you can build up a series of long raised planters to accommodate your fruit and veg. 

Big square raised beds (120cm x 120cm)

For crops that need room, you’ll find that our big square raised garden planters make a great growing space. Take a look at the selection of additional units that are available to help you plan out your plot.

As you build up and swap out your vegetables and fruit with the seasons, you might find that you need back-up raised beds for your polytunnel. Browse the selection today to see what you need for your crops.