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21ft Wide Sheep House


  • Overall Height: 9ft 9in
  • Straight Side: 4ft
  • Head Room at 1ft in from Side: 6ft 10in
  • Distance Over Hoop: 34ft 9in
  • Steel Diameter: 50mm
  • Steel Specification: Z35 high tensile galvanised

Our 21ft wide Sheep House is supplied as a complete unit ready for assembly onto a soil base and includes ALL of the following as standard:

  • An all-steel framework including foundation tubes, hoops, corner and roof stabilisers, and Triple Ridge.
  • 12ft wide timber door/end frame at each end.
  • Heavy duty 800 gauge/200 micron Black/White polythene cover.
  • Ventilation/Windbreak Netting around both sides and ends.
  • Anti Hot Spot Tape.
  • Anchor Plates.
  • Timber Base Rails.
  • Timber Side Rails.

Select Length

21ft Wide Sheep Housing Lengths

21ft Wide Sheep Housing Lengths
Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 30ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 36ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 42ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 48ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 54ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 60ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 66ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 72ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 78ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 84ft)

Additions (Sheep Housing) (21ft x 90ft)

Covers (Sheep Housing)
Front Door (Sheep Housing)
Rear Door (Sheep Housing)



£2,346.00 inc VAT

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