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Polytunnel Covers & Replacements

What size of cover do I need?

To calculate the size of polythene or net sheet needed for your replacement polytunnel cover, please enter the information to the right and click 'Calculate'. Please Note: The calculations for our polytunnel replacement covers are based on a polytunnel with a door frame at each end.

Please feel free to contact us on 01282 811250 or by e-mail if you are still unsure as to the size of cover needed.

Alternatively, if you know the size of cover needed or if you would like to buy polythene or net by the metre, please see our range of Polythene Films and Netting in our Accessories pages.

Replacement Covers

Distance over hoop

Length of Polytunnel

Height of Polytunnel


Please note: calculations are based on a polytunnel with a door frame at both ends.

Thermal Anti Drip Polytunnel Covers

Here at Premier Polytunnels we pride ourselves on offering the very highest quality of Thermal Anti Drip polytunnel covers - the preferred polythene of UK growers. Our polythene films are the first in the UK to include NEW 5-layer co-extrusion technology, making for a more efficient polytunnel cover.

Choose from the following replacement polytunnel covers: 600 gauge/150 micron polythene film with a 4-year warranty against UV degradation, or a 720 gauge/180 micron polythene film with an extended 5-year warranty.

Net Polytunnel Covers

Premier Polytunnels are proud to be one of the very best net polytunnel covers suppliers in the UK. We are able to produce one-piece sewn net poly tunnel covers (8-10 year life).

This green 47% shade net is ideal to be used on a polytunnel with or without a polythene cover in place. Used on its own a net cover provides shade, full ventilation, significant reduction in wind speeds, and still allows rainwater to filter through to the plants. It also provides excellent crop protection from birds and insects.

Placed over a polytunnel with a polythene cover in place, the net provides shade and significantly reduces the temperature inside.