Fruit Cages & Vegetable Cages

Don’t let the fruits of your labour be devoured by pests!

A Premier fruit and veg cage offers the best crop protection from both airborne and ground-dwelling pests, ensuring that the only person likely to eat your crops is you!

Our fruit cages include a one-piece, ultra-strong, knitted fruit net (a better alternative to the cheap, polypropylene net offered by many other companies) which has mesh holes of 20mm. This is the optimum size to prevent small invaders from getting in and feasting on your berries, but it also prevents small birds from becoming tangled in the netting. This fruit and vegetable net cover also keeps shading to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the full benefits of the great outdoors.

It is also becoming popular to use a fruit or vegetable cage to protect veg patches from foraging rabbits and other ground-dwelling pests. When you do this, your crop yields can be significantly improved. Plus, you'll barely notice that you're inside a fruit or vegetable cage when you're working in one.

All our garden fruit cages feature corner stabilisers, fixing pegs for the one-piece net cover, and easy access via a single hinged timber door. Whatever the scale of your operation, shop our fruit and veg cages for sale by size below.


What is a fruit cage?
A fruit cage is a large, netted enclosure that is tall enough for you to stand up in, and tall enough to allow the growth of small trees and fruit bushes. Its purpose is to prevent any birds from entering and eating your produce.

A fruit cage is often made from aluminium or steel poles. Ours are sturdily built with Z35 high tensile galvanised steel, making them an excellent choice for large gardens or allotments. A steel fruit cage is designed to be kept in the same area, once you have installed it. The fruit cage netting surrounds the whole enclosure, protecting the plants inside.

What can you grow in a fruit cage?
Although it's usually known as a "fruit cage", you can grow vegetables in these cages too. They are versatile that way! As ours are quite tall, you can grow small fruit trees in your fruit and veg cage as well if you want to.

Where can I put a fruit cage?
Ideally, you should construct your cage and fruit protection netting in a bright, frost-free position to create the best possible conditions for your produce to thrive. If additional shelter from extreme elements is available, that’s even better – but don't worry if not, because our garden fruit cages are robust enough to cope with Mother Nature at her worst.

If you have a sloped outdoor area, basing your fruit and vegetable cages at the top will help avoid pockets of frost lower down spoiling your crops.  

What size fruit and vegetable cages are available?
We have 2m tall fruit cages available from 2m to 6m wide and 2.4m to 7.2m long. You can also buy our fruit cage netting by the metre – it comes in five widths from 2m to 12m, making it easy to find one that suits your growing environment. 

Our small fruit cages are ideal for ensuring bountiful results, whether you’re just starting to grow your own produce or working with limited space. At the other end of the scale, setting up several of our 6m wide x 7.2m long plant protection cages could improve quality and profit margins if you are commercially growing produce.

Whatever your chosen width and length, at 2m tall, all our fruit cages for sale make it easy for you to stand, walk, and work unimpeded. From small trees to fruit bushes, strawberry plants and other low-growing crops, protect the fruits of your labour with our durable fruit and veg cages.   

How do you build a fruit cage?
Once you have found the right space and received your fruit cage kit, it's time to assemble your fruit cage!

Follow the instructions that come with your fruit and vegetable cage. You will first need to assemble the steel frame and timber door frame and door, and after this, the mesh needs to be attached. If you have any issues, our construction advice helpline on 01282 811250 will advise you.

How do you put netting on a fruit cage?
You'll need to stretch the fruit protection netting over the cage and use the ground fixing pegs that come with your product to anchor the net to the floor, helping to stop garden creatures sneaking in from underneath.

Next, you'll need to secure the fruit cage mesh to the door frame using timber battens and nails.

At the back end of the cage, the net should be gathered in the middle of each bay, tied with a cable tie, then anchored to the floor with ground fixing pegs.

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