Polytunnels Accessories & Spare Parts

Complete your polytunnel or make some updates with high quality polytunnel parts and spares. At Premier Polytunnels, we offer a wide range of parts and add-ons. Take your pick from Base Plates and Anchor Plates, Crop Bars, polytunnel corner clamps and supports. We also stock P Clips, clamp replacement parts, and other essentials to ensure your polytunnel is secure. Browse the range of spares and parts and find the right fit for the job.

Base Plates

If you’re fixing your polytunnel to a hard standing base, such as concrete or flags, you’ll need to replace foundation tubes with Base Plates. Cage bolts are included, and these are used for fixing the Base Plates. Once the plates are secured, the polytunnel frame can be simply slotted into position.

Anchor Plates

These polytunnel parts were originally designed by our very own specialist. These provide a simple method for securing polytunnels into the ground. Anchor Plates clamp to the base of each foundation tube in a 16-inch hole. Once in place, the plates are then covered with earth and this prevents the polytunnel framework from lifting or sinking.  

Anchor Plate Clamps

If you’re looking for suitable clamp replacement parts, these Anchor Plate Clamps are a useful tool. They clamp around tubes of several sizes, from 28mm up to 60mm.  

P Clips

If you are focusing on reinforcing the hoop joints of your polytunnel, P Clips are the parts you need. These reinforce and strengthen the joints by simply wrapping around the joint. We supply P Clips to suit tube sizes from 28mm to 60mm.  

Corner Brackets

Our range of polytunnel Corner Brackets are clamps that are already bent into position so that you can easily secure timber or aluminium at the corners of your polytunnel. These brackets come as a full set for one side or two corners of the polytunnel and nuts, bolts and nails are included.

Saddle Clamps

These clamps are useful polytunnel frame parts. They are used to fix aluminium or timber rails to the intermediate hoops on larger, commercial polytunnels.  

Crop Bars

Crop Bars are the ideal polytunnel parts to add if you need additional space for hanging baskets, canes, lighting, or irrigation. These are steel bars that are placed horizontally across the hoops of the polytunnel frame. As well as being a useful storage tool, they add strength and stability to the frame.

Staging Supports

Polytunnel Staging Supports are designed to support the weight of staging, pots and trays that you add. These support legs clamp to the hoop of your polytunnel and come with a fixing clamp.  

Take a look at the range of polytunnel spares and parts available at Premier Polytunnels to find what you need for your garden or commercial project.