Cloches & Fruit Cages

Keep those greedy pests at bay – protect your plants with a garden cloche or fruit and veg cage.

A garden cloche is an economical, portable or removable ‘mini polytunnel’ that sits on a veg patch or flower bed, as and when you need it – the perfect plant protector for customers growing in a limited space, such as patios, yards and raised beds. Cloches are ideal for protecting your plants from weather and pests, and can be covered in polythene, anti bird net or windbreak/shade net.

A fruit and veg cage offers excellent crop protection from both airborne and ground-dwelling pests, ensuring that the only person likely to eat your crops is you. Covered with fruit cage/anti bird net to keep shading to a minimum and allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Cloches and fruit cages

You’ve spent time tending your crops, carefully planning out the growing cycle and making sure you harvest them at exactly the right moment. However, hungry pests and bad weather can spoil your fruit and veg, so to make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste, you can choose a cloche or fruit cage to act as a barrier.

At Premier Polytunnels, we offer a choice of fruit netting, cages and cloches for your garden that are designed to add a reliable solution to some of the most common problems growers face. By investing in this type of protection, you increase your chances of producing delicious crops.

So, do you need a fruit cage or a cloche? Which will work best for you? Read on to find out what each one has to offer.

What are cloches and fruit cages?

In order to choose the right level of protection for your plants and crops, it’s important to have a clear idea of what fruit cages and cloches offer and how they work:

What is a cloche?

A cloche is shaped like a mini polytunnel and is placed over a vegetable patch or flower bed. It acts as a cover that shields crops and plants and it’s ideal for small spaces, such as raised beds and patios.

To use a cloche effectively, select one in the size that will cover your patch. You’ll also need to narrow down your search by choosing between the different materials available – we offer a choice of shade net or polythene cloches, as well as anti-bird net options.

What is a fruit and veg cage?  

Like a cloche, fruit and vegetable cages are designed to protect your produce, plants and flowers from pests. However, they’re taller than cloches and designed in a way that allows fruit trees and taller plants to grow.

The cages are covered with a strong knitted net that has 20mm holes, meaning that small hungry invaders, such as birds, can’t take a nibble out of your produce. Again, you’ll need to work out the dimensions to make sure you opt for the cage that’s just right for your garden.

What are the benefits of using cages and cloches?

There are several reasons why cloches and fruit cages are a beneficial addition. Here’s a look at the main ones to help you make your decision:

  • Protect against the elements

Thanks to the waterproof materials they’re made from, polythene cloches are perfect for protecting small plants and seedlings from rain and wind, while shade net cloches offer shade on hot, sunny days and a protective barrier from windy conditions. Anti-bird net cloches and fruit and veg cages keep shade to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors while offering protection from pests.

  • Detract unwanted visitors

By placing a cage or cloche over your flowers, veg or fruit, you are adding a protective layer between your produce and any pests. Cages can protect against birds getting to your fruit and veg, while netted cloches can put off small creatures on the ground from taking a bite.

In addition, if you’re thinking of adding a cloche to your raised bed or even if you’d like to pop one inside your polytunnel to add another level of security for your precious crops, there is a key reason why you might want to add one to your garden:

  • Versatility

Early examples of cloches were made from glass. However, the ones used today tend to be made from polythene or netting and these materials offer several benefits, such as being durable yet removable, which means they can be easily moved around.

This portability means that you can easily re-organise your garden or polytunnel to suit your needs. Plus, if extreme weather is on the horizon or you’re planning for the cooler months, you can act quickly to preserve your produce through frosty conditions.

How to choose the cloche or cage for you

At Premier Polytunnels, we’ve made it easy for you to make your selection. Begin by browsing the collection and when you’re ready, click on the category that suits you.

You can take your pick from fruit and veg cages and our polythene, shade net and anti-bird net cloches. You may want to invest in a shade net for the warmer months so that you’re preventing pests from visiting your garden while also providing shade from the midday sun, as well as a polythene one for the cooler weather. We even stock a range of individual cloche hoops.

For our three different types of cloche, there are four size options available, ranging from 4ft wide x 6ft long up to 4ft x 12ft. In addition, we have six size options in our range of fruit and vegetable cages for sale. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your garden.

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Take a look at the range of cloches and cages today to find a simple, yet effective way to protect your crops.