If you're an avid gardener who loves growing different fruits, vegetables or flowers, you'll want to keep your crops and plants free from external threats. Birds, pests and the elements can all put your hard garden work at risk.

While polytunnels offer protection for larger plots of land, smaller spaces require something more in proportion to fend off any dangers. You'll find that cloches are perfect for small gardens, patios, raised beds and other limited spaces.

Explore our range below or continue reading to learn more about them. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly experts if you have any questions about garden cloches.

What is a cloche?

A cloche is a small, portable structure that's typically made of glass or transparent plastic. It works as a polytunnel would, giving your crops optimal growing conditions while protecting them from pests, animals or the predictably unpredictable British weather.

Garden cloches are ideal if you have small outdoor spaces, are struggling with birds and pests or want to extend your growing season.

What are the different cloches for sale?

There are several garden cloches to choose from with each offering benefits. Here are the options we're pleased to offer you.

Individual cloche hoops
Our individual cloche hoops are the foundations of a thriving garden and provide the structural frames that surround your crops. They are 4ft wide and 3ft 7in in height (before being pressed into soil). The hoops are enclosed by polythene covers or nets.

Polythene cloches
A polythene cloche is a small polytunnel that retains heat while protecting your plants from frost or rain. It's supplied as a full kit ready to assemble, including a steel framework, timber base, and polythene film.

This cloche is available in these sizes:
· 4ft x 6ft
· 4ft x 8ft
· 4ft x 10ft
· 4ft x 12ft

Shade net cloches
Our robust shade net cloches create optimal growing conditions for vulnerable plants. They offer 40% shade and 50% wind reduction, leaving your crops better protected from the elements.

Shade net cloches are available in the following sizes:
· 4ft x 6ft
· 4ft x 8ft
· 4ft x 10ft
· 4ft x 12ft

Anti-bird net cloches
Anti-bird net cloches offer an excellent solution to airborne pests. The mesh netting has 20mm holes throughout to stop small animals from entering and preventing birds from getting tangled. What's more, the cloche protects your fruit and vegetables while allowing natural light through and keeping shade to a minimum.

Anti-bird nets are available in these sizes:
· 4ft x 6ft
· 4ft x 8ft
· 4ft x 10ft
· 4ft x 12ft

What are the benefits of garden cloches?

Choosing one of our cloche options can improve your gardening game with ease. Some of the main advantages include:

· They can increase soil temperature.
· Your plants can be protected from extreme weather.
· Pest and disease infiltration will be kept to a minimum.
· Late-ripening crops shouldn't be impacted by early frost.

Why should I choose a cloche from Premier Polytunnels?

· We have over 35 years of experience in designing and developing our top-quality products to ensure they're strong, reliable and affordable.
· We offer free delivery on orders over £75 to locations in England, Wales and most of Scotland. Plus, you get a 28-day "No Quibble, Money Back" guarantee in the unlikely event that you change your mind.
· We have a construction helpline to make building your cloche or polytunnel a little easier.

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