Cloches & Fruit Cages

A garden cloche is an economical and portable type of ‘mini polytunnel’ that sits atop a veg patch or flower bed. You can use it as and when it's required, making it the perfect plant protector for growing in a limited space, such as patios, smaller gardens, and raised beds. Cloches make a brilliant solution for protecting your plants from adverse weather and pests, and can be covered in polythene, anti-bird, or shade netting.

Browse our selection of specialist garden cloches for sale below and read on to find out more about using one to make the most of your harvest.

A guide to garden cloches

You’ve spent time tending to your crops, carefully planning out each growing cycle and making sure you harvest them at exactly the right time. However, hungry pests and harsh weather conditions can spoil your produce. So, to make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste, it's important to find a purpose-built barrier.

That's where our fruit and vegetable cloches can help. At Premier Polytunnels, we offer a choice of protective cloches for raised beds and gardens, specifically designed to add a reliable solution to some of the most common problems growers face. By investing in this type of protection, you'll immediately increase your chances of producing healthy crops.

What are garden cloches?

A cloche is shaped like a miniature polytunnel and is placed over a vegetable patch or flower bed. In order to choose the right level of protection for your plants and crops, it’s important to learn about the different types and applications of garden cloches.

To use a cloche effectively, it's important that you pick a large enough size to cover your patch. You’ll also need to narrow your search by choosing between the different materials available, with some plants better suited to increased ventilation and lower temperatures.

Which types of garden cloche are available?

Individual cloche hoops
Choosing two, three, or more of our cloche hoops is one of the best ways to build and customise your own wire garden cloche. The hoops act as the structural frame for your cloche, meaning you can buy netting or plastic sheeting to create the barrier you need for your plants.

Polythene cloche tunnels
Whether you're looking for a small or large garden cloche, polythene makes an incredibly versatile and durable material. Our range of polythene cloches for plants are designed to provide a superior level of protection for your homegrown produce.

Shade net cloche tunnels
Our range of shade net cloche tunnels are covered in a robust netting which offers 40% shade and 50% wind reduction, making them ideal for protecting vulnerable plants from both strong sunlight and wind.

Anti-bird net cloches
We also provide specialist net cloches for plants, designed to protect your crops from larger airborne pests like birds. An anti-bird net cloche is essential for plants producing soft fruits and berries, which might seem irresistible to a passing blackbird. What's more, using a net cloche is one of the safest organic pest control methods, helping to protect wildlife too.

How to choose the right garden cloche

We've made it easy for you to make your selection. Start by browsing the collection and click on the category that suits your needs.

You can take your pick from our polythene, shade net, and anti-bird net cloches. Investing in a shade net for the warmer months means you'll prevent pests from visiting your garden while also providing shade from the midday sun. For cooler conditions, a polythene net could be better suited.

For our three different types of garden cloche, there are four size options available, ranging from 4ft x 6ft up to 4ft x 12ft. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to find the fit for your garden.

What are the benefits of using garden cloches?

There are several reasons why cloches are a beneficial addition. Here’s a look at the main ones to help you make your decision:

  • Protection against the elements
Thanks to the waterproof materials they’re made from, polythene cloches are perfect for protecting seedlings from rain and wind, while shade net cloches offer shade on hot, sunny days and a protective barrier from windy conditions. Anti-bird net cloches keep shade to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors while offering protection from pests.
  • Fewer unwanted visitors
By using our polythene and net cloches for plants, you add a protective layer between your produce and any pests. Covered cloches can prevent small critters on the ground from reaching your bounty, while netted cloches ensure that no birds can make a meal of your fruits.

Additionally, if you’re thinking of adding a cloche for a raised bed or even if you’d like to pop one inside your polytunnel for another level of security for your crops, they can be added to your garden under various circumstances.
  • Versatile growing solution

Modern, specialised garden cloches are manufactured using polythene or netting. These materials offer several benefits and can be easily moved around, making them as versatile as they are hard-wearing.

This portability means that you can easily re-organise your garden or polytunnel to suit your needs. Plus, if extreme weather is on the horizon or you’re planning for the cooler months, you can act quickly to preserve your produce throughout adverse conditions.

Make the most of your harvest with Premier Polytunnels
At Premier Polytunnels, we've been helping our customers with gardening solutions for over 35 years. If you'd like advice from our team or you have any questions about our specialist garden cloches, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can give us a ring on 01282 811250, request a call back, or send us an email. Whichever way you get in touch, we'll be happy to help. Browse our range of garden cloches today to find a simple yet effective way to protect your crops.