Premier Polytunnels offer a range of additions and accessories suitable for your polytunnel frame, including polythene covers, netting, tapes, ground cover, staging, doors, polytunnel gutters and spare parts.

Polytunnel accessories

Whether you’re a keen gardener taking a grow your own approach or you’re growing produce on a commercial level, Premier Polytunnels can help you design and develop your perfect solution.

Providing practical and durable protection for your plants, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise built up over 35 years in the industry to carefully craft reliable, high quality and affordable polytunnels. These can also be customised to your own specifications with our range of polytunnel accessories.

So, whether you’re looking to create a designated potting space or perhaps you need an irrigation system, browse our full range of polytunnel parts and spares today, and start creating your perfect polytunnel.

What type of polytunnel accessories are available?

With a substantial range of polytunnel accessories available, customising your polytunnel to suit your specific needs is simple. From creating designated growing spaces to maintenance and repair, our selection of polytunnel parts has been carefully chosen to help you get the most out of your structure and ensure the long-term success of whatever you’re growing.

For additional stability and support, shop our range of polytunnel parts and spares. Designed to fit snuggly and with ease to our polytunnel frames, they’re renowned for their durability. For those times mother nature throws challenges your way, our polytunnel repair tape can be used to fix small tears and rips in your cover, while polytunnel frame spares will come to the rescue if larger repairs are required.

If you’re a gardener who needs space for small potted plants, our trestle staging offers the perfect solution, whilst our polytunnel irrigation systems makes life easier when it comes to watering, no matter the weather conditions outside.

Are there any essential polytunnel accessories I need?

Whilst our standard polytunnel kit provides everything you need to get your tunnel up and running on a soil base, and start growing your own crops, there are some additional polytunnel parts that can make your life even easier.

For larger polytunnels, you might want to consider a ground cover. The grid lines provide a template for easy pot placement, guaranteeing uniform plant growth – perfect for commercial growing. Tough and tear resistant, our ground cover sheeting effectively controls annual and perennial weeds, saving you from further labour.

Netting is a useful addition to any polytunnel. It can be used for ventilation, works well as a windbreak, as well as providing shade on sunny days and protection from frost. It can also be used as bird netting, preventing birds and some insects from getting at your crops, whilst allowing pollinators such as bees and hoverflies access.  

Thanks to a polytunnel’s versatility you are able to create a space that works for you, and our polytunnel accessories are simply here to help.

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