Polytunnel Trestle Staging

Simple, practical, and portable staging bench – Put it up when you need it and fold it away when you need more space. Quick and easy to assemble, folding legs, no tools required. Ideal for use as temporary staging inside polytunnels, greenhouses, and garden sheds, and many outdoor uses.

Slots in the top of the bench allow air circulation, even temperature, and drainage for healthy plants.

Made using 2-inch x 1-inch timber which is pressure treated to protect against rot (a necessary precaution in a humid environment).

28-inch high for a comfortable working height – 6ft wide and 22.5-inch deep.

Available with or without lower storage shelf. (19-inch distance between top and lower shelf).

Trestle Staging

If you’re planning out where you’d like to place some planters and pots in your polytunnel, staging is a useful addition to any growing area. Here at Premier Polytunnels, we offer a selection of simple, yet robust trestle staging options for your polytunnel.

Take your pick from our practical and portable polytunnel staging and shelving solutions. These can be easily moved to where you need them and folded away when you want to free up room for other types of fruit, plants, and vegetables.

As well as being easy to move around your polytunnel, these staging options are easy to assemble. They have simple folding legs and no tools are needed, so you can decide where you’d like to position your table and quickly make it upright in seconds.

Thanks to the slots in the top of each bench, air circulation, even temperature, and drainage are all taken care of, keeping your plants healthy. This means that, in addition to being suitable for polytunnels, they’re ideal staging for greenhouses and garden sheds.

Superior polytunnel shelving and staging

At Premier Polytunnels, we know the weight of a pot or tray when fully watered and appreciate that it needs a strong base to support this weight. That’s why our wooden trestle staging is made using 2-inch x 1-inch treated timber. This timber is pressure treated to protect against rot and is more robust than similar products on the market that use 19mm x 38mm roofing laths.

In addition to being robust, they have the ideal dimensions for creating a comfortable working space. At 28 inches high, they are high enough to work on, but not too high for you to lift heavy pots onto. They’re also 6 feet wide and 22.5 inches deep, so you have plenty of room to add the planters and pots that you need.

For steel polytunnel staging supports, please click here.

Trestle polytunnel staging bench

Made from durable 2-inch x 1-inch treated timber, these 6-foot-wide staging tables are ideal for polytunnels, greenhouses, and garden sheds of all sizes. If you’re looking for one or more wooden trestles for your polytunnel, simply enter the number you need using the quantity box.

Trestle polytunnel staging and storage shelf

Should you need extra room for your pots and planters, select our polytunnel shelving that comes with a storage shelf. This has the same dimensions as the single layer trestle, but it has an additional shelf 19 inches below the top level, leaving plenty for room for plants and produce to grow. 

Take a look at the range of polytunnel staging and shelving available at Premier Polytunnels to find what you need for your garden or commercial project.