Trestle Staging

Simple, practical, and portable staging bench – Put it up when you need it and fold it away when you need more space. Quick and easy to assemble, folding legs, no tools required. Ideal for use as temporary staging inside polytunnels, greenhouses, and garden sheds, and many outdoor uses.

Slots in the top of the bench allow air circulation, even temperature, and drainage for healthy plants.

Timber is pressure treated to protect against rot (a necessary precaution in a humid environment).

Superior Staging! Here at Premier Polytunnels we are very aware of the weight of a pot or tray when fully watered. It requires a significant amount of strength to support this weight - This is why our Trestle Staging is made using 2-inch x 1-inch treated timber, unlike our competitors' similar products which use 19mm x 38mm roofing laths.

28-inch high for a comfortable working height – 6ft wide and 22.5-inch deep.

Available with or without lower storage shelf. (19-inch distance between top and lower shelf).

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