Polytunnel Polythene Films

Here at Premier Polytunnels we pride ourselves on offering the very highest quality polythene covers for polytunnels, cloches, animal housing, storage units, and swimming pools.

Take your pick from high-tech, 5-layer, thermal anti-drip polytunnel covers that include additives to reduce the risk of fungus bacteria in your polytunnel. There’s also a black/white polythene film and a heavy duty cloche film.

Browse the collection to source the right covers for the task. To find out more about our range of polythene films, read the section below.

Thermal Anti Drip (600 gauge)

This 600 gauge/150 micron polythene cover comes with a 4-year warranty against UV degradation. It’s available in 7.3m wide and 9.2m wide options.  

Thermal Anti Drip (720 gauge)

If you’re searching for a 720 gauge/180 micron polythene polytunnel film, this is a robust option. It’s 20% thicker than other films and comes with a 5-year warranty against UV degradation.

Polythene Cloche film

We stock a choice of polythene cloche films that are four times thicker than a standard cloche or dust film. These 480 gauge/120 micron films come with a 2-year warranty against UV degradation.   

Black/White polythene  

This black/white polytunnel polythene film is an 800 gauge/200 micron film designed for polytunnels that are used as animal housing or storage units. Like the thermal anti-drip option, this polythene is available to buy by the metre. It has a life expectancy of up to 10 years and comes with a 5-year warranty against UV degradation.

What our covers and film offer

If you’re looking for the perfect plastic film cover and want to learn more about the different polytunnel covers and polythene films available from Premier Polytunnels, read on.

Thermal Anti Drip

Thermal Anti Drip polythene polytunnel films are the preferred cover of UK growers. Our Thermal Anti Drip (or sometimes ‘anti fog’) films are the first in the UK to include a new 5-layer co-extrusion technology. This 5-layer, 21st Century technology allows special chemical additives within the film to be divided more evenly throughout the layers, therefore reducing the effect of each additive upon the others and making them more effective. These special additives help to reduce many fungal and bacterial diseases that can damage plants.

The air inside a polytunnel has a high moisture content, causing water to evaporate and form droplets (or fogging) on the inside of the cover. Anti drip additives within the film prevent large droplets forming and dropping back onto the plants, causing damage and disease to them.

The thermal effect of the film prevents heat radiation being lost from the polytunnel. This maintains a higher foliage temperature and drier plants, ultimately leading to lower heating costs.

The mineral additives used in this polythene cover also diffuse the light entering the polytunnel. This ensures that some light will make its way into the central and more shaded areas of the plants.

Anti dust additives are also included on the top/outside layer, making it more difficult for dust to remain on the polythene. It also makes it easier for the wind, rain, and your cleaning efforts to remove any accumulated dust from the polytunnel.

If you are unsure as to the size of polytunnel cover needed, take a look at the replacement covers section, which will help you to calculate the correct size.

Cloche film

We also offer a 480 gauge/120 micron heavy duty polythene cloche film, which is available to buy by the metre.

Black/White film

Our black/white, 800 gauge/200 micron polythene film is ideal for storage units and animal housing and available to buy by the metre.