Shade Netting Cloche Tunnel

As a gardener, how many times have you wished that you could control the weather? Now you can, with our shade net cloches. Each of our shade net cloches are covered in strong, robust windbreak netting, perfect for protecting vulnerable plants from extreme weather conditions, such as strong sunlight, wind and rain.

The garden shade net used by Premier Polytunnels provides 40% shade and 50% wind reduction – meaning that you can return from a day of gardening with peace of mind, knowing that your plants will be protected whatever the weather.

Our cloche hoops are made using 28mm diameter Z35 high tensile galvanised steel, which will last for years. Timber base rails are pressure treated with a wood preserver to protect against rot and the cover is fixed using timber battens and nails.

Our shade net cloche tunnels are 4ft wide and 3ft 7in high, making them ideal for use on raised beds. Each cloche is supplied with two extension legs to allow for quick and easy access.

Benefits of using shade netting cloches

After taking the time and energy to nurture your homegrown goods, the last thing you want is for them to be left damaged or wiped out entirely by weather conditions. Left exposed in the winter, your plants are vulnerable to powerful winds, heavy rainfall and snow. It’s also widely known across the gardening community that direct sunlight can burn the leaves of some plants and shrubs in the summer months. With Premier Polytunnels’ garden shade netting cloche tunnels, you’ll never have to worry about harmful weather damaging your plants again.

Alongside this, our shade net cloches also provide your crop with protection from uninvited pests that might pose a danger to your plants and vegetables. Caterpillars, snails, slugs and even birds can all wreak havoc on your homegrown goods, if they are left exposed. Premier Polytunnels’ cloches and garden shade nets will put a stop to this.

Cost of shade netting cloches

Our shade net cloches come in a selection of different sizes, ranging from 6ft to 12ft long. The cost of your cloche will depend on which option you require.

Our sizing is as follows:

  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 4ft x 8ft
  • 4ft x 10ft
  • 4ft x 12ft

Whether you need a smaller size for growing a single vegetable or something larger for an entire allotment of homegrown goods, at Premier Polytunnels we have cloches with shade netting for plants to fit every garden project perfectly.

Shade netting cloches from Premier Polytunnels

After 35+ years of experience in the world of horticulture, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about garden structures. It’s our ambition to aid you in achieving each of your gardening goals – that’s why we’ve made it our life’s work to carefully design and develop effective gardening tools that can help both beginners and veterans alike.

Whether you’re prepping your garden ready for the spring bloom or simply taking on the challenge of growing your own fresh produce, our garden shade net cloches are guaranteed to protect your plants and crop throughout every season.

Order online via the Premier Polytunnels website today and say hello to happier, healthier plants this year.

If you have any questions or would like any further assistance, simply get in touch and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help you.