Anti Bird Net Cloches

Don’t let the fruits of your labour be devoured by pests! Protect them with a Premier Anti Bird Net Cloche.

This cloche offers crop protection from both airborne and ground-dwelling pests, ensuring that the only person likely to eat your crops is you.

Our Anti Bird Net is a very strong, knitted net (rather than the cheap, polypropylene net offered by many other companies) which has mesh holes of 20mm – This is the optimum size to prevent small invaders getting in and feasting on your berries, but it also prevents small birds from becoming tangled in the net. This net cover also keeps shading to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Our cloche hoops are made using 28mm diameter Z35 high tensile galvanised steel, which will last for years. Timber base rails are pressure treated with a wood preserver to protect against rot and the cover is fixed simply by using timber battens and nails.

Our Premier Anti Bird Net Cloches are 4ft wide and 3ft 7in high, making them ideal for using on raised beds. Supplied with 2 extension legs to allow for quick access.