Anti Bird Netting Cloches for your garden

If you’ve sown seeds this year, an anti bird netting cloche will be crucial to protecting your plants. Our strong knitted net offers protection from pests on the ground and from above, while the two extension legs supplied with each cloche allows for quick and easy access for the grower.

Our mesh netting has holes of 20mm – the optimum size to prevent small critters from getting in and feasting on your fruits, while also preventing garden birds from becoming tangled up. Unlike other nets and barriers, our protective anti bird mesh netting keeps shading to a minimum, allowing sufficient natural light to filter through and nourish your plants.

Made with 28mm diameter galvanised steel, our cloche hoops are 4ft wide and 3ft 7in high, making our cloche kits ideal for using on raised beds.

Benefits of using anti bird netting

Left exposed, your homegrown goods could be more vulnerable to animals. From the garden to the polytunnel, anti bird netting is one of the most convenient ways to protect your plants from unwanted visitors without harming them.

Easy to install, cost-effective and as durable as it is lightweight, any gardener should take this simple precaution against bird attacks on edible crops. Once spring comes around, the mesh holes in anti bird netting still allow easy access for smaller insects to find and pollinate flowering plants, promoting their growth for the following season.

Promptly installing an anti bird netting cloche for fruit and vegetable protection ensures the fruits of your labour won’t make a meal for any feathered visitors to your garden, while still nurturing the overall health and longevity of your plants.

How to use anti bird mesh netting

Even though lots of gardeners choose to use anti bird netting, it’s important to complement it with a sturdy frame to protect beds or plots on your lawn. Our anti bird net cloche hoops save you the inconvenience of installing loose netting over beds: all you need to do is assemble the cloche hoops and their specially treated base before simply fixing the netting down.

Don’t assume that every type of netting is the same: our anti bird netting is knitted and much stronger than standard polypropylene nets. You’ll find peace of mind in the structural integrity of our anti-bird net cloche, thanks to its pressure-treated timber base rails and cover, fixed using timber battens and nails to protect the precious haul underneath. Our anti bird net cloche hoops are made with high tensile galvanised steel, a material built to last through the years of different crop cycles and weather through all four seasons.

Anti bird net cloches from Premier Polytunnels

Here at Premier Polytunnels, we’re a professional, family-run company with over 35 years of experience designing and developing effective growing spaces and solutions for domestic gardeners and commercial growers.

Whether you’re starting a new project in your back garden or improving your own growing business, our anti bird net cloches are guaranteed to protect your plants from one harvest to the next. Order online for free delivery on orders over £75 and we’ll aim to dispatch your cloche within 5 working days.

If you have any questions about our anti bird netting cloches or any of our other products to help boost your homegrown bounty, don’t hesitate to get in touch.