Anti Bird Netting

Prevent small invaders feasting on your fruit and veg with robust fruit cage and bird netting from Premier Polytunnels. This anti bird netting is strong and durable enough to protect your plants while ensuring there is plenty of growing space.

Our fruit and bird netting has a 10-year lifespan and is a real investment, whether you have a small vegetable patch or you’re a professional grower. These fruit nets are a knitted net with 20mm wide mesh holes, which is the optimum size to stop birds from getting in and feasting on your berries while ensuring they don’t get tangled or stuck in the net.

As well as being durable and designed to prevent birds from getting in, this bird netting keeps shade to a minimum. So, when you add these nets, your crops can enjoy access to natural light and reap the benefits of the outdoors for a successful harvest. 

As used by Premier Polytunnels to cover our Fruit and Veg Cages.

We offer netting in a range of sizes. Let us know what you need for your growing area and we’ll have it with you in no time.

Need help with sizing and working out your options? Simply call us on 01282 811250 or email

Add some poultry protection

Should you have poultry, you’ll find that this anti bird netting is a useful addition for covering chicken runs to protect them from predators. If you’d like to build your own chicken run, we have everything you need. Choose our 4ft wide steel individual cloche hoops, letting us know how many you need, and cover with our durable bird netting.   

2m wide bird netting

For smaller cages, our 2m wide bird netting could be exactly what you’re looking for. This provides excellent coverage, with strong, knitted netting and a 10-year lifespan, so you won’t need to worry about upgrading for a while.

4m wide bird netting

If you have a slightly larger growing space, our 4m wide bird netting delivers full coverage for your plants. Robust and long-lasting, this is the ideal investment for wide, yet compact outdoor vegetable patches. Whether you’re looking for strawberry netting from a trusted UK supplier, or for cover for other types of fruit and veg, this is the ideal addition. 

6m wide bird netting

This is our mid-sized fruit netting offering and is suitable in a range of settings. As with all of our fruit nets, this is a strong, knitted net and lasts up to 10 years, so you can keep your plants free of small birds in the years to come.  

8m wide bird netting

For larger spaces, the 8m wide bird netting is ideal. This can be easily spread across a selection of cloche hoops or used to protect a substantially sized chicken run.

12m wide bird netting

Our largest bird netting is perfect for sizable outdoor growing spaces. If you’re a professional grower, this netting has the dimensions you need to cover your crops. All of these veg and fruit nets are designed to last, made from tough knitted material and offering 20mm wide mesh holes, so your produce will be free of small invaders for up to a decade.