Polytunnel Netting Cover

This green 47% shade net is ideal to be used as a polytunnel cover, with or without a polythene cover in place.

Used on its own, a net cover provides shade, full ventilation, significant reduction in wind speeds, and still allows rainwater to filter through to the plants. It also provides excellent crop protection from birds and insects.

Placed over a polytunnel with a polythene cover in place, the net provides shade and significantly reduces the temperature inside.

This net includes durable flat tape threads and double lockstitch tearproof technology to provide the ultimate woven shade product. Tested in the Middle East for UV life in excess of 10 years, this net has also proven its durability in the toughest of conditions.

Premier Polytunnels’ one-piece sewn net polytunnel covers are sewn together using a 5 thread overlocker sewing machine. The thread used has a high tensile strength and includes UV stabilisers to ensure the thread lasts the life of the net (8-10 years).