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Customer Comments

10ft x 15ft Polytunnel - Love 2 Learn Allotmenting 

"We are very impressed with our 10ft x 15ft dream polytunnel. It provides a great deal of growing space, more than we originally thought, with enough room for two rows of pots on either size of the polytunnel. We’ve grown 45 plants this year including tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, chilli, and peppers. It’s been a very enjoyable growing experience, and visiting the polytunnel is probably the thing we most look forward to doing when we go down to our allotment.

The build quality of our polytunnel appears strong, with thick plastic and strong steel poles used for the frame. We have learned two things too. Firstly, that the doors at either end of the polytunnel are very important for ventilation. Both the real door at the front of the polytunnel and false door at the end have mesh in the upper panel that helps air to circulate. However, we would consider double doors next time for even more ventilation. Secondly, that thinking about a watering solution for plants inside the polytunnel is important. We found ourselves watering our plants every day in hot weather. Installing a irrigation system was our answer. It has saved considerable time, whilst our plants have thrived through the combination of protective growing conditions and moist soil.

Overall, we’re very impressed".

Click here for more 'Polytunnel Growing' information from Love 2 Learn Allotmenting.

2 of 30ft x 60ft Polytunnels - Foragers, Scotland

While Scotland has to put up with wind, rain and low temperatures today, our polytunnels are a God-send. If anyone is thinking of purchasing a polytunnel, we thoroughly recommend Premier Polytunnels Ltd. They have an extensive choice of sizes and their tunnels are of a very high standard, with extremely strong frames and polythene, and perfect airflow. We know how well these tunnels perform – we had a small tunnel when living in Argyll and it withstood a hurricane no problem. Our two commercial tunnels here have withstood a winter of gale after gale, and a non-existent spring and summer.

We have got to mention the lads who built the polytunnels – great company and a good laugh. Premier give great customer service. They have a user-friendly website which is like a sweety shop to those who love growing things.

21ft x 42ft Polytunnel - Apple Orchard Nurseries, Cleveland

Just a note to thank you for your pleasant attitude and knowledgeable information provided on my enquiry prior to ordering our polytunnel in January. This led to an immediate decision on our part  that we were dealing with a reputable company.

We have now erected this structure and are well pleased with the robust finish of your product which in fact on completion exceeded our expectations in this regard.

In addition and also prior to purchase we had looked at other providers prices of tunnels of equal size and same dimension of tubular size and consider your company as being also the most competitive in price.

Though we did not need to use your valuable service to consult with your engineers available 7 days it was very reassuring to know we had access to that expertise throughout the process to completion.

Our kindest regards to you and for your continued success in customer satisfaction.

18ft x 30ft Polytunnel - J. McEvoy, Tyne and Wear

Having recently purchased and erected one of your polytunnels I would like to offer this endorsement.

I would like to put on record that the excellence of your design is such that, quite a large tunnel, 18ft x 30ft, can in practice be erected un-aided, apart from the final covering, by one 64-year-old man with a broken rib! I have been most impressed by the quality of the product, the general clarity of the instructions and the versatility that allowed me to cope with a rocky, sloping site.

For all this, thank you very much.

I hope to enjoy using your tunnel for many years.

8ft x 10ft Polytunnel - Ian, Leicester

Short note to say how happy I am with the polytunnel. My son (11) and I spent a very happy weekend putting it up and, while just the cover to go on next weekend, we are delighted with how straightforward it's been so far. I want to congratulate you on the quality of the kit, the professional way it was packed and the superb after-sales service. Fingers crossed for a wind free weekend and we’ll soon be planting!

3 of 12ft x 30ft Polytunnels - K. Smith, Ladybugs Horticultural Centre, Lancashire

What an absolutely professional, personal, friendly, helpful and kind company you are. I can’t believe the support you gave us and got us out of a sticky wicket when Dad had his heart attack and could not finish the construction. Your advice and support has been amazing and I would (and have!) recommend you to everyone. Can’t wait to get these tunnels filled now. A massive thank you to all of you.

12ft x 20ft Polytunnel - I. Morrow, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Many thanks for everything. Your help and advice was very much appreciated. I decided to build the polytunnel with the help of my wife and we are delighted with it. It is certainly a quality product and we are looking forward to the new growing season.

Thank you again.

14ft Premier x 25ft Polytunnel - J. Godfrey, Co. Cork, Ireland

Recently I bought a 14ft wide Premier Polytunnel. I just wanted to say thank you for excellent, helpful service and rapid delivery – it got to me quicker here in Ireland than a local company could have done it! I had also mentioned when I ordered that the tunnel was a birthday present, and whoever sent me the invoice had very thoughtfully put "Private and Confidential" on the envelope – wonderful! It's rare to get quality service like that nowadays! Thanks again.

14ft Premier x 25ft Polytunnel & 14ft Premier x 45ft Polytunnel - P. McFadyen, Head Gardener, Sefton Urban Food, Merseyside

Just a quick note to firstly thank you for your great service with both our tunnels. Also we have had some terrible winds lately – on Monday we had a gust of 87mph, both tunnels withstood it perfectly with no damage and our children and service users are getting great use out of them.

Once again thank you.

10ft x 15ft Polytunnel - The Conways, Lancashire

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that we couldn't be happier with our new polytunnel. The quality of your product and installation service far exceeded our expectations, and we had heard nothing but good things about you beforehand.

So quite an achievement and credit where credit is due.

We have just had the tops done for the trellis supports and they are perfect for a chair to get under for all the fiddly bits. The installation guys heard about the wheelchair and rang before coming to ask what the ideal door opening would be, as they would happily customise the doorway to suit.

Excellent, excellent people.

We look forward to many happy times with our new polytunnel, and a long and fruitful relationship with Premier Polytunnels.

10ft x 20ft Polytunnel - L. Ackland and J. Brown, Devon

Thank you so much – our order arrived yesterday as you said; We are full of admiration of your service. It doesn't seem to matter how little your customers spend, you are efficient, helpful, give excellent information, package well and are very patient with the less able D.I.Y folk and this is despite your obvious workload. We are not surprised how busy you are – this is our second experience with your company and you simply are THE Best. Thank you.

10ft x 30ft Polytunnel - S. White, Cornwall

My tunnel is fully up and partly planted. I am very impressed with the product and the instructions to assemble. I added boards to the base of mine and for about £12 worth of wood, they do make it look and work a whole lot better. I would recommend it to others if anyone asks.

Your customer service has been excellent by the way and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else.

Replacement Polytunnel Cover - K. Godfrey, Watford

Just a short note to thank you for the service I received on my order/polythene for my polytunnel. The young lady I spoke with was most helpful. With service like this I wish you every success for the future.

18ft x 42ft Polytunnel - A. Stables, Isle of Skye, Scotland

June 2011 – I just wanted to say a big thank you for my polytunnel and your outstanding service. I am so chuffed with it.

Special thanks are due to 'the boss' for giving me so much help over the phone, mostly at weekends and even when he was on holiday only 3 hours away from us! Your out of hours telephone helpline is BRILLIANT!

The tunnel withstood a 72mph battering a week or so ago.

December 2011 – It’s incredible how much force the tunnel was taking (last week) and still survived! I am going to put locking nuts on all the bolts before the next storm comes through.

Many thanks, you’re still the best polytunnel manufacturer in the country and I’m still very happy with it!

14ft x 30ft Polytunnel - D. Lambert, Norfolk

I would just like to say thank you for an excellent product, first class after sales service and a very polite and helpful lady who answered the phone.

Would highly recommend your company to anyone. Once again, thank you.

18ft x 30ft Polytunnel - K. Pedder, Lancashire

Thank you so much for my fabulous polytunnel, it really is fantastic and I shall be spending many a happy hour in it.

Excellent after sales service as well. Will certainly recommend you.

8ft wide Polytunnel - Geoffrey, Rochester

I am writing to express my gratitude for your generosity and service. A few weeks before Christmas I ordered the bits required to extend my current polytunnel that was purchased from yourselves. You arranged for it to arrive on a day that was good for me and it did arrive on that day. Your tunnels are of excellent quality, and I like the way that you have calculated exactly what is needed, and there are good instructions.

I changed the way that I am going to secure the cover and you kindly gave me a very good price on some extra P Clips, and they arrived today so that I can use them tomorrow on my day-off. You even threw in a couple of corner brackets for free. The ones that I had previously were an angled piece of steel and I was expecting that, but you sent me really posh ones, which was very kind.

Thank you once again for your excellent product and service. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in buying a polytunnel or upgrading their present one.

18ft x 60ft Sheep House Polytunnel - Mr Mitchell, Huntly, Scotland

I am forwarding pictures of my finished sheep house polytunnel. I am extremely happy with the finished product, and am rather proud to say that I managed to erect 90% of the structure by myself, with help needed only to put the polythene on. Your instructions were extremely helpful, and easy to understand. My sheep are anxiously waiting to get in and start the lambing process (as am I) !!

Thanks again for a 1st Class product.

10ft x 25ft Polytunnel - Mr and Mrs Mottram, Cheshire

I have already thanked the firm who delivered the polytunnel for their service and don't want you to feel snubbed! You too were excellent and especially the lady in the office just back from her holidays now having to concentrate on polytunnels rather than sunshine! We were kept up to speed with the order, it was delivered when they said it would be and I am watching my son and his partner erecting it now without any cursing! Once we have grown stuff for this year it will be an ideal storage place for all our garden furniture, plant pots, canes, barbecue equipment, etc, to be stored and painted, etc, when the rest of the area is still in the Ice Age! Many thanks!

Various Garden Polytunnels - J. Poncet, Falkland Islands

Thank you for the latest tunnel I ordered, it's all assembled and looks great. Once our summer starts I'll send some pictures of your polytunnels in the Falklands, they've held up very well to the gales we've had. Thank you again for organising all of this. I have to say of all the UK companies I order from, Premier Polytunnels have been flawless.

10ft x 15ft Polytunnel - S. Woods, Somerset

Can I personally thank you for your personal efforts and customer service that has been outstanding. I hope that your business is able to sit out this lockdown and come out the other side in as good a position as possible. Based on my experience you will absolutely continue to be successful. Your customer service is absolutely 1st class. I served for 22 years in the Royal Marines where professionalisms and work ethic are as standard, it is clear to see that you and your colleagues also buy into that philosophy. I can now complete construction (I’ve become an expert now!! having watched your excellent online videos) and finally take my very large tomatoes off the window ledge.