Using a polytunnel as a wedding and event space

What do you use your polytunnel for? While most people grow their own fruit, veg, and crops in theirs, there are plenty of other ways to make use of the space.

It could be that you’re trying to come up with potential commercial opportunities for it. It might be that you’d like to take a break from using it for growing and want to use it for a personal occasion instead.

Whatever you have in mind, to give you some inspiration we’ve focused on two excellent uses for this structure. So, whether you want to use your polytunnel as a wedding venue or transform it into an events space, read on.

What makes a polytunnel so versatile?

Polytunnel Wedding VenueIf you’re trying to reimagine your polytunnel, it’s worth having an idea of what makes it a versatile space for events or as an alternative wedding venue. By understanding this, you’ll be able to see beyond its usual purpose.

First, polytunnels come in a range of sizes. So, if you’re making an investment now and you’re thinking of the different uses for your polytunnel, you can buy one that will comfortably accommodate guests.

Additionally, if the polytunnel is in a prime location, you can remove the contents without having to relocate the structure. This means that if you’ve reached the end of growing season and want to swap out your staging for a dancefloor or you want to switch seating for a series of tables, it can be easily done.

Ultimately, it’s the fact that polytunnels are semi-permanent structures that make them stand out as potential event spaces. As it can be dismantled and moved, you can relocate your polytunnel wedding venue and assemble it in a different spot if necessary. This level of flexibility can make the happy couple’s dreams come true and ensure that your polytunnel is hired for their big day.

Planning a polytunnel wedding

Alternative wedding venueOffering sweeping vistas and stunning scenery, rural wedding venues have always been popular. While the UK isn’t known for its great weather, semi-permanent structures such as polytunnels make it possible to indulge in countryside weddings, whether it’s sunny or raining.

In addition to the nature lovers who long to celebrate their special day in the great outdoors, there are many couples who are rethinking how they celebrate their nuptials at the moment. Now more than ever, alternative wedding venues are top of the agenda. With plenty of people downsizing and others opting for countryside settings away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a polytunnel wedding can be the ideal solution.  

These structures can be used for the ceremony itself. Alternatively, it can be the perfect reception venue. If you’re planning on purchasing a polytunnel with this function in mind, it’s worth considering how many people it will accommodate for wedding receptions and ceremonies, along with the tables and seating.  

Creating a polytunnel venue

Polytunnel venueAs well as weddings, polytunnels are perfect for other events and celebrations. This especially the case when growing season has come to an end in late autumn/early winter and the space is free of crops.

When Christmas approaches, you can transform your polytunnel into a winter wonderland by adding some fairy lights and some seating. It can be the perfect space for seeing in the new year or for catching up with friends in the week after Christmas.

However, you might want to use the polytunnel as a venue for events and parties during the summer months too. It can provide the right amount of shade for a summer garden party or you can add benches and tables and transform it into a dining space for a barbecue.

Whatever type of polytunnel venue you have in mind, whether you want to use it as a party space or as an original wedding venue, there are plenty of opportunities to swap out your fruit and veg for celebratory bunting.

Get planning now and see what your polytunnel can become. If you need any help, or further inspiration, get in touch with us today and our experts will be happy to help.

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