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Fruit & Veg Cages

Don’t let the fruits of your labour be devoured by pests!

A Premier Fruit and Veg Cage offers the best crop protection from both airborne and ground-dwelling pests, ensuring that the only person likely to eat your crops is you.

Our fruit cages are covered with a very strong, knitted net (rather than the cheap, polypropylene net offered by many other companies) which has mesh holes of 20mm – This is the optimum size to prevent small invaders getting in and feasting on your berries, but it also prevents small birds from becoming tangled in the net. This net cover also keeps shading to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

It is also becoming popular to use these cages to protect veg patches from foraging rabbits and other ground-dwelling pests, and crop yields are significantly improved.

When working inside a fruit or vegetable cage it is barely noticeable and work carries on as normal.

Our Fruit and Veg Cages are simple to construct, versatile and robust, using only the very best materials. Our cages include corner stabilisers, a one-piece net cover to avoid fiddly tying of individual pieces, enough fixing pegs to ensure the net is secured firmly to the ground with no gaps, and ample access via a single timber hinged door which is covered with Windbreak/Shade Net.

Fruit and Veg Cages are available in 2m x 2m x 2.4m sections.

Buy Fruit Cage/Anti Bird Net by the Metre. Available in five widths – 2m – 4m – 6m – 8m – 12m