Polytunnel Anchor Plates

Originally designed and developed by our very own polytunnel specialist, Anchor Plates have been successfully used for many years and have proven to be a much simpler method of securing polytunnels into the ground than the use of concrete. These plates clamp to the base of each foundation tube in a 16-inch hole, which would be dug just as for concreting. When earth is compacted back over the plates, this prevents the polytunnel framework from lifting or sinking, even in the most severe weather conditions.

Anchor Plates MUST be used when purchasing Base Rails and are advisable to be used even when trenching the polythene cover in soil as this prevents the framework from sinking and the cover becoming loose.

Anchor Plates have been updated at Premier Polytunnels to include an offset hole to allow easier fitting when the foundation tube cannot be placed central in the hole, for example, when avoiding walls, paths, and underground obstruction.