Premier Polytunnels is currently not accepting new orders for a short period of time - as of Thursday 11th March.
Due to the unprecedented number of orders which have been received and the global shortages of raw materials available from our suppliers, unfortunately we have had to make the decision to temporarily close our order book for as short a period of time as possible. Click here for more information.
Our online store will be re-opened just as soon as possible.   
Thank you for your understanding.

Fruit Cage/Anti Bird Net - Buy by the Metre

Our fruit cage/anti bird net is a very strong, knitted net (rather than the cheap, polypropylene net offered by many other companies) which has mesh holes of 20mm – This is the optimum size to prevent small invaders getting in and feasting on your berries, but it also prevents small birds from becoming tangled in the net.

This net cover also keeps shading to a minimum, allowing your crops to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

Colour - Black. 10-year life.

Poultry Protection! Our Fruit Cage/Anti Bird Netting is ideal for covering Chicken Runs, protecting your poultry from predators. Why not build your own Chicken Run using our 4ft wide steel Individual Cloche Hoops and cover with this strong, knitted net.