Welcome to our new website.

Hello and welcome to the new Premier Polytunnels website.

As our old website was reaching its fifth anniversary, we decided it was time to update and refresh... and here is the result of all our hard work!

We are delighted with the look of the new site and we are thrilled with the new additions, such as the blog, the monthly Growing Guides, customer comments, the search bar, and the videos page (which we will be adding to over time).

We listened to what our customers said about our old website, particularly that it was simple and easy to use, and applied that to the new site – it is now even more quick and simple to find what you are looking for and to build your every own ‘Premier’ polytunnel.

We are especially excited to tell you that the new website is fully responsive and a pleasure to use on any device – even on a tablet or a small smartphone screen you can now view the site with ease, without the need to zoom in and flick around the online pages.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our online shop. Why not pop back and visit the site to view the monthly Growing Guides, full of hints and tips on how to get the best from your polytunnel each month. You can also download a copy of our ‘Fruit and Veg – Polytunnel Yearly Planner’ to help you determine when to sow, plant and harvest your own delicious home-grown produce.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support. If you would like to give us some feedback on the new website, drop us an e-mail at info@premierpolytunnels.co.uk

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  • The new site looks great!

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