Polytunnel construction service

A common question we are asked by our customers is: “Will I be able to build my own polytunnel?” The answer is yes, you will! We are confident that our simple and user-friendly design will allow a couple of novice DIY-ers to build a ‘Premier’ polytunnel without any problems.

Our customers will have heard us say that building a polytunnel is a bit like putting together giant meccano. But while a polytunnel is not a difficult structure to build, the task at hand shouldn’t be taken lightly and should not be thought of as putting up a tent.

How long it takes a ‘newby’ to build a polytunnel is determined by several factors, such as DIY skill, digging conditions, the weather conditions, and the size of polytunnel chosen.

Every polytunnel order is delivered with a detailed construction guide that includes step-by-step instructions and images. We also have a full collection of step-by-step construction videos on our YouTube channel, and the most asked construction questions can be found on our website here.

We are also proud to have been the first polytunnel company to offer after sales support in the form of a 7-day construction helpline.

On-site construction service

Premier Polytunnels offer a construction service in many parts of the country, travelling from our base in Lancashire. Our construction team are a dedicated in-house team with more than 100 years of experience and polytunnel knowledge between them.

Dedicated in-house construction team

Premier Polytunnels construction teamWhen you employ Premier Polytunnels to build your polytunnel, you can be sure that the people arriving on-site are our own in-house team – we never outsource our work. The reason we don’t outsource the construction of our polytunnels is so we can guarantee the quality of the work – it really is that simple.

Could we sell more polytunnels if we outsourced construction? Yes, definitely. So, is that going to change our mind about outsourcing? No, definitely not – we need to be able to deliver quality to our customers every time and we can’t guarantee this if we outsource.   

In the past, we have given some freelance polytunnel building teams a try, and this showed us the difficulty in controlling the quality of the work. You can be assured that our in-house team will never cut corners during the process and they will carry out quality assurance checks throughout the build.

The Premier Polytunnels construction team are not only responsible for building polytunnels on-site for customers, they are also involved in the design, development, and manufacture of all our products at our Lancashire base – they really do know our product inside out. A couple of our fantastic team can be seen in our collection of construction videos, and have been involved in putting together our detailed construction guides.

As a professional, family run business, we understand the importance of offering not only the highest quality product, but also a ‘Premier’ service from start to finish. When you employ Premier Polytunnels as your supplier, rest assured that all the people working on your project are part of our dedicated team, committed to quality.   

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*Yes, the picture chosen is to make us laugh.*
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