There are still plenty of jobs to do in autumn in a polytunnel, so have a read of our October Growing Guide for ideas.

October's Top Tips

October's Top Tips

Although work in the polytunnel starts to wind down in October, there are still plenty of jobs to do over the autumn and winter months to keep ahead of the game.

KEEP HARVESTING – Expert October harvesting tips, ensuring you can continue to enjoy your own delicious home grown produce this month, are available in ‘The Polytunnel Book – Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round’.

TIDY UP – Get the polytunnel ready for next year’s growing season – Think “clean and clear!” Clear expendable summer plants that have finished cropping or are showing signs of disease, clear any debris, begin washing used pots and scrubbing staging and benches, sweep pathways, and clean and repair the polythene cover. (Tidying a polytunnel ready for the coming year can be a big task, so don’t worry if you don’t get everything done this month).

KEEP DOORS SHUT – Close doors and vents early (as soon as the sun disappears from the plot) and keep them closed when it is cold and windy. This will help to protect the plants that you have nurtured during the spring and summer months from frost on the cold nights that are to come.

KEEP PLANTS WARM – Extend the growing season by keeping plants warm when temperatures drop. Many people use fleece and even newspaper to cover their crops in cold and frosty weather.

Premier Polytunnels Tip! A polythene cloche is ideal for ‘double glazing’ your polytunnel. Using a polythene cloche inside your polytunnel during the colder months gives your plants extra protection from the cold British winters, keeping the frost off your crops and saving on heating costs.

WATER CAREFULLY – Crops need much less water now that plant growth is slower, therefore watering should be reduced to a minimum this month.

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