Hints, tips and advice on using a polytunnel in July, with ideas for ventilation and watering during the summer.

July's Top Tips

July's Top Tips

July is the time to enjoy the tastes of summer as your kitchen should be full to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables straight from your polytunnel.

July has a reputation for being the wettest month of summer, but high pressure can also result in a heat wave for at least part of the month.

VENTILATION is vital in the summer months. You can avoid a lot of problems, such as moulds or wilting plants, if you maintain good ventilation in the polytunnel during summer. Leave doors and vent screens open on hot, sunny days for maximum air movement. It may be worthwhile leaving doors and vent screens open overnight if the sun is up before you. If you need to reduce wind chill or keep unwanted visitors, such as cats, rabbits, and birds, at bay while the doors are open, hang windbreak/shade net or anti bird net across the door openings.

DAMP paths inside the polytunnel and MIST overhead on hot days. This will help to keep the atmosphere humid and discourage red spider mite.

WATER regularly. Careful watering is essential at this time of year. It is recommended that you water your polytunnel plants in the evening or early morning, rather than during the heat of the day, as this reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation. Plants in pots and containers may need watering daily, unless they are stood in a tray of water. Why not make use of the July rainfall and collect rainwater from your polytunnel with the help of our polytunnel gutters.

If you are going on holiday in July, our Premier Irrigation kit is the ideal way of ensuring you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that the plants you have tended and nurtured will still regularly receive the right amount of water. A Premier Irrigation kit is an overhead irrigation system, which is supplied in single, twin or triple line specifications, and includes an adjustable pressure regulator for those areas where water pressure is high. This kit also includes a tap timer, doing away with the need for a watering can or even the presence of a person!

REMOVE any unwanted and infected foliage, and keep bulky foliage TRIMMED, ensuring that light and fresh air can reach all areas of the polytunnel.

PATROL the polytunnel daily, ensuring you are in CONTROL of any pests and diseases.

FEED fruiting crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, peppers, and aubergines, with a high-potash liquid feed.

CLEAR early summer crops and start SOWING for autumn and winter crops.

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