Hints and tips on winter gardening in a polytunnel in December.

December's Top Tips

December's Top Tips

With colder weather, shorter days and excitement of the festive season upon us, it is not uncommon for little work to be done inside the polytunnel this month. Many polytunnel gardeners will be clearing the last of the year’s crops and preparing the beds for the next busy growing season, while others will be enjoying some winter gardening.

USE a Polythene Cloche inside your polytunnel to act as ‘double glazing’ during the winter months, keeping the frost off your crops and saving on heating costs.

Do not let too much snow sit on the roof of your polytunnel. REMOVE excess snow by tapping on the sides of the polytunnel cover and on the roof inside if you can reach. Use a soft brush to knock snow from the harder to reach areas.

INSULATE your polytunnel by covering ventilation and doors with bubble wrap.

BRING IN pots from outside to protect from cold winds, waterlogging, and very low temperatures.

WATER CAREFULLY – Normal advice for December is to keep watering to a minimum as damp soil and foliage encourages fungal diseases. Soil may look dry, but check just below surface with your finger or a trowel. Plants in pots are likely to need more water.

ORDER SEEDS – Send off for seed catalogues and consider what you need for next year. Think about what worked well for you this year and what didn’t do quite as well, and put in place your plan of action for next year.

WASH pots to avoid diseases being carried through to the next busy growing season.

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