Protect your Polytunnel when it snows.


Protect your Polytunnel when it snows.

February is a busy, exciting month for a polytunnel gardener as he dares to look forward to spring and begins to sow summer crops.

The start of the month saw a lot of snowfall across the UK, and many gardens and allotments are still waiting for the snow to clear. However it is not uncommon for heavy snowfall to continue throughout February.

We recommend that heavy snowfall is removed from the polytunnel as early as possible. The sun is becoming warmer this month and daylight hours are getting longer, therefore removing snow from the polytunnel will ensure as much light as possible enters the tunnel. 

The weight of too much snow on the roof of the polytunnel can also put strain on the frame and may cause the polythene cover to stretch and sag if not removed.

We recommend removing excess snow by tapping on the sides of the polytunnel cover and on the roof inside, encouraging the snow to slide off.

Another trick is to use a soft brush to gently knock snow from the roof – check out the video below of a customer using this method to clear his tunnel.

Why not take a look at the advice on our Construction Advice page, including some hints and tips from customers, on how to protect your polytunnel when it snows.

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