Polytunnels on the Big Screen!

OK, maybe a small screen...

Over the last few months we have been working with the very talented Bryan at The Reverb Factory and the results are fantastic! Take a look at our brand new YouTube channel to see for yourselves...

We now have a full collection of online videos, including some great little product information videos and 30 detailed construction videos, showing you step-by-step how to build your own polytunnel from Premier Polytunnels.

We also have a brilliant promo video, which takes you inside our factory, and gives you lots of reasons why growing in a ‘Premier’ polytunnel is right for you. The promo also includes testimonials from real customers and special thanks go to them for allowing the camera crew inside their garden, allotment, and garden centre (All Plants North).

We would like to say a huge thank you to The Reverb Factory for generally being brilliant! We had the easy job of constructing the polytunnels – Bryan had the harder, time consuming job of filming, producing, flying the drone, editing, sorting through lots of pictures and footage, adding text and music, editing the voiceovers, and much more. Bryan really does deserve a week in the sun now!   

Head over to our YouTube channel now to watch our videos. (Please don’t laugh at our Lancashire accents).

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel – we have more videos to come!

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