Polytunnels for Sheep

As winter draws in, sheep farmers are starting to prepare for the forthcoming busy lambing season.

Lambing is the most important time of year for both the farmer and his ewes, and so at the start of winter farmers begin planning ahead, gathering necessary supplies, putting plans in place to manage and feed the sheep properly, and preparing the lambing facilities such as housing and pens.

Sheep polytunnels provide a dry, protective shelter, helping to improve the animals’ welfare and reduce stress in the flock. Farmers have used sheep housing for many years as it also helps to increase profitability, with housed sheep having lower nutritional requirements and being cheaper to feed.

Every sheep farmer needs a strong, durable sheep polytunnel to house newborn lambs, which can often struggle when out in the cold and rain. Unlike adult sheep which can often stand a UK winter, the survival rate for lambs is higher when they are sheltered from the elements and predators.

A sheep polytunnel is an ideal housing facility as it provides generous natural ventilation, which is essential to avoid respiratory problems in the flock.

When the lambing season is over, a sheep polytunnel has many other uses throughout the year – it can be used as a barn, to store food and hay, and to store farm equipment.

Our sheep polytunnels are available in a variety of widths and lengths, and are supplied as a complete unit ready for assembly onto a soil base. Our current dispatch lead time is one week from receipt of order, giving you plenty of time to construct the structure before Christmas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions about our polytunnels for sheep.

Sheep Polytunnels

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