The Must-see Videos for Polytunnel Gardeners

Since we launched our YouTube channel earlier this year, we have been busy discovering lots of videos which have been uploaded by some of our customers... and we think you should see them too!

When it comes to seeking advice on growing a wide range of fruit and vegetables, the gardening experts at Kitchen Garden magazine have some fantastic videos to show you how. They offer a great range of how-to-guides, covering topics such as sowing cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, garlic, lettuce, and tomatoes, chitting potatoes, propagating strawberries, pest control, and lots of ‘handy hacks’. One of the best things about the videos (although you could say we are biased) is that many of them are filmed inside a ‘Premier’ polytunnel, after one of the writers at Kitchen Garden bought a 10ft wide x 25ft long polytunnel last year.

For anyone who wants to learn more about growing your own on an allotment, the videos created by Love2Learn Allotmenting are a must-see. Videos include tips on planting and pruning crops, lots of recipes, and product reviews. The ‘Polytunnel’ playlist is one of our favourites with videos showing how to build a ‘Premier’ polytunnel, tips on how to keep a polytunnel warm during the colder months, and a look into Love2Learn Allotmenting’s first year in their tunnel.

If it’s hot and spicy that you’re after, then the Clifton Chilli Club channel (tongue twister) is the one for you. These videos are – you guessed it – all about chillies! With new videos uploaded regularly, the UK’s largest chilli club channel offers reviews, advice on growing and eating the world’s hottest chillies, plus lots of fun bits like stunts, challenges and chilli eating contests. The club grows lots of its own chillies and – you guessed it again – many are grown in a ‘Premier’ polytunnel.

If you haven’t yet seen our polytunnel videos, pop over to our YouTube channel to take a look. Don’t forget to subscribe – we have more videos to come! 

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