Learning and growing in an outdoor classroom

School Polytunnel from Premier PolytunnelsHere at Premier Polytunnels we are proud to supply the very highest quality polytunnels to many schools throughout the UK.

It is no surprise that polytunnels are so popular with schools, as an outdoor classroom is a fantastic space for schoolchildren to learn many subjects that are on the national curriculum in a fun, exploratory way.

Gardening covers the topics of science, maths, geography, economics, art, physical education and, of course, food and nutrition. Children enjoy being outside and discovering how and why things grow, and learning to make healthy meals from their very own produce.

Schools which ‘grow their own’ are able to provide tasty and healthy school dinners, and the proud children are able to take their harvests home for their families to share.

But it’s not just schoolchildren who are benefitting from an outdoor classroom from Premier Polytunnels; we also supply many colleges, universities and various other educational facilities in the UK where students of all ages enjoy learning and growing.

As more and more outdoor classrooms are popping up across the UK, we have updated our Educational Polytunnels page to make it more interactive, quicker and easier for you to see which schools and educational facilities in your area have purchased from Premier Polytunnels.

Do you have a ‘Premier’ polytunnel at your school? We would love to hear from you. E-mail your comments and photographs to info@premierpolytunnels.co.uk

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