How to Improve Your Garden on a Budget

A place you can relax and unwind, spend time with friends and family, or enjoy an afternoon tending your flower beds, a garden is an important extension of your home.

While updating your garden can be expensive, with our stylish and cost-effective tips you can enhance your outdoor space for less than you might think. Read on to find out how to improve your backyard on a budget!

How to Transform a Garden on a Budget

Garden PolytunnelBefore getting started it may be a good idea to consider function and decide on a budget. Thinking about how you use your garden and what you want from the space can help you make designing decisions throughout the process, while setting a spending limit could assist when purchasing plants and finishing touches.

When you’ve done this, here is how to transform a garden on a budget.

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

Although you may be eager to begin, before implementing your plans dedicate some time to clearing your garden. This process can include sweeping away leaves, tidying furniture and removing children’s toys, as well as sanding paintwork, removing weeds and turning soil.

While this can be time consuming, dedicating a day to clearing, tidying and preparing the space will provide the blank canvas you need. It’s also very budget friendly as this process only requires manual labour.

Step 2: Divide and Conquer

Wooden Raised BedsNow that your garden is ready it’s time to alter the layout. To provide purpose and differentiate individual areas, it may be a good idea to divide into sections. This could include separating through the placement of paths, arches, hedges, raised beds, screens and trellis, or adding designated seating areas with decking and patio, or how about altering the shape of the lawn to create a focal point.

Taking these steps and re-designing the layout can enhance the overall design of your garden, making it feel more high-end without the premium price tag.

Step 3: Style and Accessorise

Next comes the fun part – decorating and dressing your garden. This is where you can inject some style into the space, bringing all your hard work together. Although you could visit a garden centre, there are DIY alternatives that could help you improve your garden, even on the smallest of budgets.

Here are some creative styling and accessorising ideas to get you inspired:

Small Garden PolytunnelRe-purpose Planters and Pots

Rather than buying plant pots, re-purposing household items is a cheaper alternative. This includes glass bottles and jars – place gravel in the bottom to provide space for draining, while drawers and sinks are ideal for use as planters.

Update the Fence

Fences require regular maintenance and are usually stained or varnished. Instead, consider updating with paint. Whether a bright shade or pastel tone, this can instantly make a garden feel more stylish.

Add Outdoor Accessories

Accessories can finish off your garden, making it feel more styled and enhancing the overall feel. Adding cushions, lanterns and fairy lights can help your garden look like it’s been designed by a landscaper.

Upcycle Unused Furniture

Rather than buying a new outdoor garden set, you can revamp unused tables and chairs for a fraction of the cost. Sanding, painting and adding a waterproof lacquer could save you hundreds of pounds.

Polytunnel for GardenGrow Your Own

Adding greenery elevates any garden, but buying plants can be expensive. A cheaper option is to grow your own flowers, fruits and vegetables. This also provides delicious produce, which could help to reduce your food bill – installing a polytunnel will also allow you to do this all year round.

Low Cost Garden Transformations

From small yards to large green spaces, there are a variety of budget-friendly, cost-saving garden solutions. Rather than spending on a professional landscaping service, all you need is some imagination to completely overhaul your garden.

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