Gardening at school - is there enough time?

Gardening should be on the curriculum, says Alan Titchmarsh, but is there enough time for it, asks The Telegraph’s Eleanor Doughty....

We sell lots of polytunnels to primary schools, secondary schools and colleges – they must be finding the time!

An outdoor classroom is a fantastic space for schoolchildren to learn many subjects that are on the national curriculum, but in a fun, hands-on, exploratory way.

Gardening encompasses science, maths, art, geography, and economics – not to mention food, discovering how and why things grow, and learning to make healthy meals from homegrown produce. Gardening also helps to keep children physically fit.  

Schools which ‘grow their own’ can provide delicious and nutritious school dinners, and the children can take their harvests home to impress and educate their families on the benefits of a healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle.

To view a selection of schools and colleges who have ordered from Premier Polytunnels, please visit the Educational Polytunnels page of our website.

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