Gardening Activities for Kids

School’s out for summer!

The summer holidays have started and you have the possibility of bored kids on your hands; maybe you’re wondering what to do to keep them busy and entertained – hopefully our ideas for garden activities for kids will help.

It’s not uncommon to hear that today’s children spend too much time staring at a screen, but getting kids outdoors and taking part in fun summer activities is more important than you might think. Getting the kids involved with some great gardening projects and experiments over the long summer break will help to avoid the “holiday slump”, which is a known phenomenon that can set some children back with their learning due to a lack of engagement in learning activities.

Role-playing in the mud kitchen is always popular with the Premier Polytunnels brood, but there are lots of fun garden activities for kids to try – they might have a dabble at making a bug hotel, a scarecrow, or a bird feeder. Budding artists could create a twig sculpture masterpiece or make colourful eye guards for the tops of plant supporting canes. Why not encourage the kids to keep a garden diary about things they notice in the garden over the holidays, or write and illustrate their own summer garden fantasy story. They could become nature detectives and explore the great outdoors with the help of these great summer activities from the Woodland Trust.     

Of course, the summer months are a busy time for a polytunnel gardener and the kids may be interested in seeing what you’re up to, so we also have some great suggestions for polytunnel gardening activities on our infographic. So why not take a look for ideas on how to keep the kids active, keep their brains engaged, and to provide lots of family fun over the summer hols.

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