Double Win for Blackpool Gardeners

A group of award-winning gardeners from Blackpool have paid tribute to all those who lost their lives during World War One and Two.

Members of the Blackpool Federation of Allotments Association (BFAA) were presented with two awards for their fantastic display stand at Southport Flower Show last month.

The group created and hosted a display which showed how allotments have evolved since the First World War and which included plants and produce that the BFAA had been growing since April.

Southport Flower ShowThe display included three allotments – the first two allotments represented growing spaces from World War One and World War Two, where gardeners would have used basic tools to grow essential produce such as cabbage and potatoes. There was even an Anderson air raid shelter, complete with dug out tunnels and sand bags.

The third showed an allotment in 2014, complete with raised beds and a 10ft wide x 15ft long polytunnel in which a wide variety of fruit and vegetables can be grown.

The BFAA also set up a marquee in which they showed off the work members have carried out to uncover World War One training trenches in a Blackpool park.

Visitors to Southport Flower Show, which took place on the 14th–17th August, enjoyed comparing the old and new gardening tools, and seeing the types of fruit and veg favoured by growers in the present day compared with during wartime.

Allotment PolytunnelAll their efforts paid off when the BFAA were presented with a Large Gold Medal Award and the Challenge Cup at the show, adding to the Gold Medal Award which they won in 2013.

Mr Andy Percival, a trustee of the BFAA, said the group had wanted people to understand about allotments and the many benefits of them.

He said the war element of the display was to commemorate all those who gave their lives.

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