Can You Get Sunburnt Working in a Polytunnel?


Can You Get Sunburnt Working in a Polytunnel?

Customer Question:

Unusual possibly, but can you still get sunburn whilst working in a polytunnel?

My wife might ask, will she still gain the benefit of a 'tan' whilst working in a polytunnel?

Sorry if this appears somewhat trivial, however a tan can be considered one benefit of working 'outdoors', I guess.

Our Answer:

Yes, you can certainly still get a suntan while working in a polytunnel that is covered with a standard or Thermal Anti Drip polythene cover.

Some polythene films (used on the continent and in the Middle East where the amount and strength of sunlight is much greater than in the UK, and often called “rose covers” as they are used for growing roses) include Anti Virus additives which block up to 380 nanometers, meaning that it may be safer for a person to work under this type of cover without wearing sun block/cream.

Here at Premier Polytunnels we pride ourselves on offering the very highest quality of Thermal Anti Drip polythene – the preferred cover of UK growers.

This polythene film has Thermal additives, Anti Drip and Anti Dust additives, and light diffusion properties. Click here to find out more about our polythene films.

Enjoy the outside, inside! Polytunnels are gardens in themselves, but with a protective roof… Just don’t forget the SPF!

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