Can You Get Sunburnt Working in a Polytunnel?

When the sun comes out to play, gardeners and sun lovers come out in force. But for some sun-loving gardeners, the idea of growing in a polytunnel can lead to a quandary.

One customer recently asked: “Unusual possibly, but can you still get sunburn whilst working in a polytunnel? My wife might ask, will she gain the benefit of a ‘tan’ while working in a polytunnel? Sorry if this appears somewhat trivial, however a tan can be considered one benefit of working ‘outdoors’, I guess”.

Well, the answer is yes, you can certainly still get a suntan while gardening in a polytunnel that is covered with a standard or Thermal Anti Drip polythene cover. (Our construction team have certainly felt the burn a few times!)

Some polythene films include Anti Virus and UV blocking additives which block up to 380 nanometers, meaning that it may be safer for a person to spend time under this type of cover without wearing sun block or sun cream. However, these films are most commonly used in sunnier parts of Europe and in the Middle East where the amount and strength of sunlight is much greater than in the UK. These polythene covers are often called ‘rose covers’ as they are used for growing roses and preventing discolouration or ‘blackening’ of the petals.

Here at Premier Polytunnels we pride ourselves on offering the very highest quality of Thermal Anti Drip polythene – the preferred cover of UK growers. This polythene film has Thermal additives, Anti Drip and Anti Dust additives, and light diffusion properties.

The Thermal effect prevents heat radiation being lost from inside the tunnel, while the Anti Drip additives prevent large droplets of condensation forming on the inside of the polythene.

Anti Dust additives on the outside layer of the polythene make it more difficult for dust to accumulate on the polytunnel cover.

This polytunnel plastic also includes mineral additives which diffuse the sunlight entering the tunnel, ‘scattering’ the light inside and ensuring that some light will make its way into more shaded areas.

You can find out more about our polythene films here.

So while the sun is shining and your polytunnel plants are thriving, enjoy the experience of ‘the outside, inside’ – just don’t forget the SPF!

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