Build Your Own Polytunnel


Build Your Own Polytunnel

When you make the decision to invest in a polytunnel, you want to be confident that the structure will stand the test of time, especially during a harsh British winter.

It is no surprise, therefore, that our customers often ask “will I be able to construct my polytunnel?”

In most cases the answer is yes, you will. Most of our polytunnels are supplied on a DIY basis and we are confident that our simple design will allow a polytunnel novice, with minimal DIY skills, to build their polytunnel without any problems.

Although a polytunnel is not a difficult structure to build, the task should not be thought of as a little project or like putting up a tent. Our director likes to compare it to “putting together giant meccano”.

To get a better idea of what is involved, why not check out the video below of a 10ft wide polytunnel being constructed, start to finish, by one of our customers.

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