Affordable Polytunnels

You may or may not know that over the last few months the price of steel has been steadily rising and looks set to continue increasing.

Here at Premier Polytunnels we are currently absorbing the rising cost of steel so as to avoid passing increases onto our customers.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality product at a price that suits your pocket, backed up with the very best customer service.

We never sacrifice the quality of our polytunnels and while quality is not always cheap, it does offer excellent value. Remember – to buy cheap is to buy twice.

Many of customers tell us that they need a strong steel polytunnel as it is very windy where they live. With this in mind, the specialist design of our polytunnels – designed by a Rolls Royce trained engineer – is the only one to include all of the following as standard:

  1. Larger diameter steel hoops – made from Z35 high tensile galvanised steel – for extra strength and rigidity.
  2. The UK’s first 5-layer Thermal Anti Drip polythene covers.
  3. Wide ‘wheelbarrow’ doors.
  4. Universal fixing brackets for ease of construction.

If you like what you hear and are thinking of purchasing your very own polytunnel in 2017, don’t delay to avoid any potential future price increases. Order online or contact the Sales Team for more information. 

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