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Polytunnel (n.) a polythene tunnel used to grow plants that need protection from the weather and that may require a higher temperature and/or humidity than that which is readily available outdoors.

Polytunnels (sometimes called "polythene tunnels" or "plastic greenhouses") were introduced to British farming following their success in Spain where farmers used temporary polythene tunnels to protect their winter salad crops.

Designed as a simple and cost effective replacement for glasshouses, these plastic greenhouses have quickly become the structure of choice for everyone, from the hobby gardener in his smaller garden polytunnel to the commercial grower in his larger field polythene tunnel. It is not uncommon to spot an abundance of garden tunnels and field tunnels wherever you travel throughout the world today.

There is nothing more tranquil than listening to the rain clatter down on your garden polytunnel while you relax and tend your plants inside, and many families are beginning to work and play together in their garden tunnels and enjoying the advantages of a healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle.

But there are many other benefits of these distinctive polythene tunnels....

  • All year round growing - A garden polytunnel can bring a Mediterranean or even Tropical climate to your UK garden.
  • A plastic greenhouse puts you in control of nature - Weather, watering, and ventilation are all under your control.
  • A polythene tunnel can be completely 'sealed', therefore reducing pests and protecting plants from insect infestations.
  • A plastic greenhouse produces increased yields.
  • Your plants are safer in a plastic greenhouse as diseases that can damage plants are greatly reduced.
  • A polythene tunnel offers reduced draughts - and there are no panes of glass to break!
  • The amateur gardener can produce a range of plants in his garden polytunnel which would not normally flourish in the UK.
  • All organic crops can thrive in plastic greenhouses.
  • Growing fruit in a plastic greenhouse can extend the season from May to mid-Autumn.
  • Commercial growers using plastic greenhouses can guarantee quality goods at competitive prices in a market that demands high standards.
  • Garden tunnels can be easily moved or extended.
  • Even the smallest of garden tunnels can stand up to British winters.
  • Polythene tunnels can be used as swimming pool covers, animal housing, bird shelters, and for covering aircrafts and leisure vehicles, such as boats.

"In a 'Premier' polytunnel Spring begins earlier and Winter is kept outdoors!"

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