Spring is a busy time for a polytunnel gardener, so have a read of our inspirational tips for May. 

May's Top Tips

May's Top Tips

A polytunnel really comes into its own in May, with young plants jostling for attention and space, making it a busy time for the polytunnel gardener. To help you keep on top of things and make the most of your polytunnel this month, have a read of our hints and tips for May.

WATER, WATER, WATER. Check pots and growing bags daily, even if you have an automatic irrigation system. Most plants do best if the compost is kept moist at all times.

VENTILATE the polytunnel and DAMP everything down on hot days to maintain the best conditions.

INSTALL supports in the polytunnel for plants such as tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers.

SUPPORT tomatoes with strings or canes, and PINCH OUT sideshoots.

THIN OUT and TIE IN vines so that they don’t touch the polytunnel cover.

PATROL the polytunnel daily, looking out for pests, especially red spider mite.

EAT ripe strawberries!

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